Is it time to thank the media for making Arsenal’s victories taste even sweeter?

Sometimes weekends come along and they suck. Like last weekend. Losing to Newcastle while Manu grabbed a late winner and Chelsea won as they tend to do most weeks.

Then you have weekends like the one just past where everything goes better than you could have hoped for. Arsenal put in a gritty, determined performance away from home against one of the so-called bigger clubs, Man United failed to win, and Chelsea were humiliated at their own ground by one of the so-called ‘lesser’ teams.

The result is a lot of very happy Gooners and Arsenal moving clear in second place in the league and cutting the Chav’s lead to two points.


As we have witnessed recently, when Chelsea and/or Man U have dropped points we have tended to do so also, therefore not being able to capitalise. The key to this is to make us play first, or, if that’s not possible, ensure the team think that Man U and Chelsea have both won. That way, we know there is no room for error.

What? It could work. Don’t you think it’s important that the week in which we went before Chelsea is the week we didn’t drop points when they did?

Nah, me neither, it’s just one of those coincidink things that are wont to happen in football. Nice when it benefits us though huh?

But did it? If you’d been listening to the Sky commentators, or those on Talksport, the BBC, or ESPN you would have been forgiven for forgetting that we are actually in second place and ahead of Man United for all they seemed bothered with was how happy Chelsea losing was going to make Sir Alcho. I lost track of the number of times I heard it on Sky and was inundated with tweets with people reporting the same across all the spectrums. Somehow, even though we are in second place having had what I consider to be a tougher run of fixtures than either Chelsea or Man U, to most people commenting on the game outside of Arsenal, this is merely a blip which will be corrected over time and should therefore just be ignored.

Do you think it would be that way if we were Liverpool? (I can’t use the Spuds as an example as there is irrational hysteria attached with every mention of them in the press these days). Don’t be silly, if Liverpool were in second, and had a start to the season like we have had, then you would be hearing about how ‘this could be their year’ even though it hasn’t ‘been their year’ in the league for 20 years.

Which brings us to how many times the commentators managed to remind the watching public  that Chelsea were currently undergoing an injury crisis and (I guess this is what they are hinting at) can be excused for not doing all that well.

Let’s look at this shall we?

Yesterday Chelsea were without Lampard, Essien, Terry and Alex. The Arsenal equivalent would be, I guess, Cesc, Song, Vermaelen, and Koscielny. Or, if you want, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Van Persie, Diaby.

Wait a minute! Isn’t that EXACTLY who Arsenal had out yesterday?

Ok, so you say that those four players are not of the same quality as the four chavs missing, I’ll humour you on that. How about last season when for practically every match Arsenal were without between eight and eleven (nearly all) regular first-team starters? Do you remember the period when we had NO centre-forwards, NO left-backs, using out third choice keeper, our fourth and fifth choice centre backs, and had also lost Cesc, Song, and Diaby?

Do you remember? I sure as hell do! One of the arguments I made was how would Man U or Chelsea cope without eight first team regulars (no Cech, Terry, Alex, A. Cole, Lampard, Essien, Drogba, or Anelka). Well, this season we are seeing how they cope with only four of those eight missing.

Will Arsenal get the credit for still managing to finish third last season? Would Man U or Chelsea have even been able to maintain a place in the top four missing a MINIMUM of eight key players for most of the season?

Of course they wouldn’t.

So what of this year? If we are to say that one player out for one week = 1 player match missed, then Chelsea have missed a total of 49 player matches, Man United are slightly worse with 59. Arsenal have been without a whopping 89! That is more than any other team in the league at a time when most Arsenal fans will concede we are currently undergoing our best spell for player fitness since the dinosaurs roamed the earth (Gunnersaurus doesn’t count, I said dinosaurS, plural).

Do you hear any of this being reported?

Of course you don’t.

So what is it? Is it an anti-Arsenal bias? You would be forgiven for thinking so. Cue MOTD2 this week featuring Lee Dixon. I mention him because he was very quick to tweet last week that he had tried to get MOTD the show Henry’s horrible challenge on Arshavin in the ‘interests of fairness’ but had been told there was no time. Surely this week he would rectify that by showing the unpunished assaults of Heitinga, Pienaar, and Cahill? Don’t be so stupid. They did, however, make sure that they showed Song’s challenge on Pienaar on the edge of our box which was not given, even though it was neither reckless nor dangerous, it was simply a stupid, clumsy Song challenge.

Heitinga KICKED three of our players before he received a yellow. Pienaar nearly snapped Sagna in two in the first minute and Cahill flattened two Arsenal players by ensuring he flew in to them with his knees when challenging for an aerial ball. Not one of them was shown.

I suppose we should be thankful that they didn’t show Cesc’s booking, but I guess they really couldn’t because how can they continue to lead people to believe he is a thug by showing that he got booked for being trod on and that the ref actually had his back to the incident, booking Cesc because the Everton crowd have been brainwashed by the media to believe that Cesc is likely to tackle you like the bastard lovechild of Joey Barton and Ryan Shawcross.

Did you hear the boos aimed at Cesc? I’d be surprised if you didn’t because you could hear little else at Goodison (apart from the Arsenal away fans) but they made their hatred for Cesc known – and that was BEFORE he was booked for having the audacity to get trampled on.

It really gets me going.

Did you notice?

So is there anything we can do? It would seem not. Hundreds of you complained to the BBC over their biased coverage midweek and nothing was done, This, in a day and age when only a handful of complaints can pull a TV show from the airwaves. All there is for us to do is keep supporting Arsenal, and remember that when we do win, when we do start picking up those trophies, how sweeter it will all taste because we have done it in spite of everything and with no help from anyone.

What a sweet day that will be.

Perhaps we should thank the media for making it that way?

Interesting from Twitter:
RT @OptaJean: 765 – Bacary Sagna has played 765 minutes for France in 2010, the most for an outfield player this year. Braids.
RT @Orbinho: Andrey Arshavin has five goal assists to his name this season, more than any other Arsenal player in the Premier League.
RT @Orbinho: To update the fact from earlier this week, Arsenal have picked up more points away from home than any other Premier League team (14).


Useless fact of the day: Arsenal have had a total of 229 shots this season in the league but only 36% (83) have been on target.

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  • Sairax

    I like this post :D

  • JamrockRover

    There’s nothing we can do about the media bias but your solution sounds pretty good to me. A nice big haul of trophies would be the perfect answer for me.

  • pantsR2long

    Gotta love a good rant :)

  • Andrew

    Good post and it sums up what we’re feeling – it does my head in when the media clamour about what big squads Chavski, Manure and even Sp*rs have – when will they realise we have the biggest squad in the league?!

  • jay4741

    great post, all the media are anti-arsenal and as for fans of other teams hate us with a passion, every team that plays Arsenal always get up for the game more so than any other the other big teams ” stick a few tackles on them, rough them up” we have become the prem most hated, as to why i really dont know, might be biased but we play the best football in the league and are most pleasing on the eye.

  • noorhafiza izura

    i don’t care about the pundits of being biased and anti-arsenal, i’m much more care about us winning the game and bring back the trophy to all pundits-well you know who you are, if you’re still not happy, put the trophy inside your mouth and shut up!!!!

  • MoHoops

    Great post LA, the anti cesc rubbish flying around these days is very poor, they had it out for him even since the spitting incident I remember..utter scum

    it simply makes me read about football less & less..don’t need such bullox to piss me off..

    up the arsenal

  • Goonersism

    Get over it LadyArse, this is how the media works. Every team has a stereotpye attached to them and every club has a portion of fans that feel they are being victimised. I don’t deny there is nonsense in the media about Arsenal and players and ‘not that kind of player’ and our players commiting certain tackles but that’s because stories are needed. Go on any blog for any club and you will find fans who believe their club is victimised, human nature dicates that there is always someone willing to wear the victim hat.

  • Puppyguts

    i think every1 expects the media to b arseholes. my biggest problem is with MOTD they are complete and utter cunts

  • ArsenalRanter

    Great post LadyArse – The Media bias has been going on for years. It’s clear that Manure and Chavski would not have done anywhere near as well as us if they’d been blessed with our misfortune with injuries over the past few seasons. Their scouting network is average at best. How many hidden gems have they brought in for peanuts and made world class?

    They have had unlimited funds for years to go and buy the latest flavour of the month on big bucks and now they’re struggling financially in comparison. We’ve been without trophies for 6 years but when the chocolate hits the whisk in the football financial market again, which is inevitable, We’ll be the only traditionally run, self sustaining club with home grown rare talent, uniformly trained with a footballing mentality instilled by the Coaching genius of Wenger. Then we’ll have to get down to Wickes’s to buy a lorry load or two of wood to be the trophy cabinets cos we’re going to rule.

  • Anonymous

    I know Chelsea had a few injuries yesterday but their bench was very weak, bar Kalou the others were just kids. If you look at ours it was very solid with plenty of cover.

    I notice Cashley and Terry have withdrawn from the England squad bet you both of them will be fit for Birmingham on Saturday !

  • Umar

    Great post as always. I wonder how the media will react when we win the title.

  • Anonymous

    Just heard that fat Tom is out for three months, very handy with the Spuds up next ! Nevermind that three match suspension he didn’t get for raking his studs down the chest of Elmander !

  • DanKing

    good post LA. kind of makes me happy I don’t have to deal w/ the english press :). Though the stat of only 36% of our shots being on target is quite shocking.

    • Anonymous

      36% does seem a bit low but we don’t shoot that often as we like to walk the ball into the net ! I don’t know how many times we have hit the woodwork but normally if the ball hits the post of bar they class it as not on target !

  • Weedonald

    The UK media bias is a curious thing….and is rarely seen in North America. Here,successful teams like Arsenal would be lauded and praised, even when they are not achieving as well as they could. It seems that petty jealousy, tribal loyalty accompanied by a blinkered prejudice against real footballing teams like Arsenal hold sway in the media and amongst pundits in Britain. This seems to be a cheap sort of sensationalism whose sole purpose is to increase the media’s notoriety and anger fans. What better way to get ¨coverage¨and free advertising, even if your are then known as a proper wanker.

  • Jdeigh

    I think of when Robinson almost crippled Diaby on a non-televised (in the UK) 3 pm Saturday kickoff. Wenger was angry about it, but MOTD wouldn’t show the tackle in question and just labeled Wenger as a moaner.

    At least against Everton, the match was televised and a lot of people got to see what actually happened.

    Nonetheless, I still don’t appreciate this smear campaign that MOTD are doing to Cesc, Song, and Wenger.

  • Iggy O.

    Right on LA! I used that same argument all last year and the year before! It’s amazing how short sighted manure and chavski fans can be when it comes to the injury thing; which shows that truly Arsenal is the best team! Hahaha, now I’m going to put something up on my facebook!