Ok, ok, ok, so I’ve said a number of times that I’m back and then I’ve just buggered off again. I had no idea that once I stopped blogging on a daily basis it would be so goddam hard to get back in to the way of it.  It used to be that I wouldn’t have missed a single day writing about Arsenal for anything in the world, and then something in the world came along that I wasn’t quite expecting and the blog went out the window.

Do you care? Probably not.  The fact is that I know I’ve amassed quite a few followers on Twitter who have no clue that I used to blog on a daily basis and that’s where most of my other followers came from, for them I’m just some gobshite who rambles on constantly on Twitter.  There really was more to me than that you know. Honest.  This is me attempting to kick-start that again. It’ll take a while to get back in the proper swing of things, I know.

So, what’s been going on while I’ve had my head planted firmly up my arse? Quite a lot.  Henry has been and almost gone and I’ve said hardly a thing about it.  Arsenal have been varying degrees of shit and before those who don’t know me start having a go, I’m one of the most positive Gooners around. Even I can’t deny we’ve been rubbish.  Ramsey is scoring, people are dying, Arteta has proven to be the best ‘panic’ buy of the season (note to new readers, I’m very often, in fact usually, sarcastic). Theo has had both his best and worst season in an Arsenal shirt depending on who you pay attention to, Arsene should spend some fucking money but not on him, him and certainly not on him.  That ‘oh for fuck sake he’s bought another kid’ kid Oxlade-Chamberlain has turned out to be quite decent, Arshavin is still being Arshavin-like, and the Arsenal world is either amazingly brilliant or dark as death.

Did I miss anything? I’m sure I did.

But we’re up there. We are fourth when it seems like every single month we are told we have no chance of getting fourth.  We are in the midst of what many people will tell you is our worst season under Arsene Wenger while Spurs enjoy their best in 50 years yet we are still in the Champions League and FA Cup and they aren’t (in Europe).  But we don’t want to compare ourselves to them, that’s what they do, that’s the measure of their club, we’re bigger than that.

So this week we head off to Milan to play the AC while the Mancs occupy Spursday and the Scousers go in search of another conspiracy story to be annoyed about.  Chelsea are still in the Champions League too but the way AVB is driving that club in to the ground they won’t be for much longer and you just know that it’ll be Porto to put the final nail in his Chelsea coffin and we will be the last English team standing in the only European competition that means anything.

I think that sums it up for the season so far, everything that I’ve missed as I’ve struggled to get any sort of head together to blog on a regular basis.  I want to promise that I’m back, but I can’t.  I can, however promise that I will try harder and isn’t that all we can ever really ask of anyone?

[UPDATE – It has been pointed out that Chelsea play Napoli in the Champions League not Porto, this is clearly how much attention I pay to what Chelsea are doing and also how much I don’t care as I’m not even bothering to correct it. Fuck Chelsea.]

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  • http://twitter.com/ClevelandGooner Devin Cathcart

    Good to read a blog post again. Always like getting a positive Gooners opinion with a little bit of bite to it. 

  • HaHaHa

     “But we don’t want to compare ourselves to them, that’s what they do, that’s the measure of their club, we’re bigger than that” – Isn’t that exactly what you did though? There’s a new date on the calender this season – It’s called St Arsewipes day. The day when it is mathematically impossible for Arse to overtake The Kings Of North London! Get used to it cos it’s gonna be happening a lot in the next few years!

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha ok, it hasn’t even happened once yet, but you go right ahead and proclaim yourselves Kings of North London. No hint of delusion there

      • HaHaHa

        You said it – No hint of delusion at all. I’m glad you agree.

      • HaHaHa

        Ps ChavFatArse – I told you I’d be back!
        PPs Where have all your readers gone? All the plastics gone have they?