Weekends are, invariably, better when Arsenal win, despite the powers that be deciding to steal an hour from us.  When you throw in to the mix Sp*rs, City, Chelsea and Liverpool all failing to win then it all just becomes that little bit sweeter.

News wise there is very little to report.   Our next game is not until Saturday when we travel to QPR, a team managed by everyone’s favourite Mark Hughes. I don’t know if it’s just me but as I get older I find less and less managers in the league who I actually like.

As I said, Arsenal news is a bit thin on the ground, some post match comments from a few players and some more murmurings about Podolski making up the sum of it.  But, when you’ve nothing Arsenal to really talk about then you can always count on those chicken-lovers from up the road on providing a little bit of hilarity to start the week.

Someone should tell ‘Arry that April Fool’s Day is next week.

Speaking to Sky Sports he has been discussing how Sp*rs will still finish above Arsenal and even went so far to challenge Arsene –  “I still think we’ll finish above Arsenal – bring it on, Arsene!”

Bring what on exactly? Seven straight wins while you slide down the table faster than Slur Alex after his second bottle of whiskey? The ritual humiliation of your side by coming from two goals down to win 5-2? Or what about our supposed worst team under Arsene Wenger and worst start since football began still being three points above the best Sp*rs side the world can remember? What, exactly, should we bring on first ‘Arry?

I know there is still a bit to go in the league and I know that nothing is cast in stone but if you’re a betting person you always thrown your money behind the team with form, the team with momentum. Form tells us that Arsenal have won seven and lost none while Sp*rs have won one game in their last six and that was against Stevenage.

They do make me chuckle.

Mind the gap.

In other news Sky Sports were reporting that Carlos Vela could be set to join Real Sociedad on a permanent basis following his season long loan there and I have to say this makes me a little bit sad.  He was one player I picked out a number of seasons ago who would really come good and he just hasn’t been able to live up to his hype.   I know many will not be sad to see him go, believing that we can cope with out his cherry-on-top chips, and they’d be right, but, it would have been nice if he could have made it at Arsenal if only for the fact that we could do with a striker. Alas, it seems not to be and he will more than likely be one of many who leave the Emirates for good this summer.

Apart from that there really is little else. I’m not going to spend time talking about how Podolski is meant to be announced this week, especially when he was meant to be announced last week as well. At least we’ll know every inch of him as he completes a medical every week between now and the summer.

That’s your lot.  See you tomorrow.

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