Sometimes, in football, you lose games. Sometimes it’s frustrating, sometimes it’s infuriating, and sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say ‘well done’ to the opposition. That’s where I find myself today with regards to our match against Wigan last night.  I know it’s not the popular opinion, Twitter was awash with people declaring how absolutely shit we were, how we were a disgrace to the name Arsenal, how we had some sort of divine right to turn over a team who had just beaten the Champions elect and are fighting for their Premier League lives.

Quite frankly, some of what was being said was embarrassing.

We got off to an horrendous start, caught perhaps by the surprise that despite the fact Wigan were languishing near the drop zone that they are, at the minute, a really good footballing side.  Two down before ten minutes were on the clock and we were shell shocked, but it woke us up.  We pulled one back through Vermaelen’s rocket header from a Rosicky cross and then from then on it was frustration after frustration.

World class saves from Al Habsi denied us.  Poor finishing was on display again, but what it all comes down to is that Wigan didn’t give us a single second on any ball, they were quicker, faster and stronger in every area and they never stopped for the full 90minutes.  Sometimes even the best team in the world can’t get past that sort of dedication.  I could name you a dozen so results off the top of my head where this has happened in the world of football, it’s part of the reason we love the game so much.

It doesn’t make us shit.

I’m not excusing what were some poor performances from a few players, but I’m not going to start singling them out either.  It wasn’t the worst performance by Arsenal at the Emirates this season, not by the longest stretch imaginable, but it was perhaps the best display by an away side.

You know you’ve seen this before, a team playing above themselves to get a result, it happens. Take it on the chin and move on. Yes, I know it’s not ideal, yes I know it makes things rather more uncomfortable in third place than we’d like and yes I know it now gives the Chelsea game even more importance than it already had. I know all this.

I also know a shit Arsenal performance when I see one, and that wasn’t one of them.

Arsenal fans clapped Wigan off the pitch last night.  That should tell you all you need to know.


Possession 64% v 36%

Shots 23 v 15

Shots on target 4 v 7

Shots blocked 10 v 4

Crosses 37 v 6

Corners 9 v 3

Touches (total) 758 v 574

Interceptions 39 v 54

Blocks 12 v 8

Pass accuracy 87% v 77%

Aerials won 57% v 43%

(stats via EPL iPad app and

*Start of rant*

For those who were sending the most vile abuse to Aaron Ramsey last night shame, shame, shame on you.  He has, unfortunately, become the whipping boy for some fans.  While his form has not been great, compare his stats to Alex Song’s from last night. It was Ramsey who was being treated as if we was the worst player on the pitch by a mile (not that I’m saying Song was either, I’m just making a point). You should be ashamed of yourselves but I know you won’t be:

Pass accuracy AR 89% AS 82%

Aerials won AR 50% AS 100%

Touches AR 92 AS 88

Fouls AR 0 AS 5

Total shots AR 2 AS 0

Dribbles won 2 AS 0

Tackles AR 1 AS 4

Player rating AR 6.9 AS 5.8

Aaron Ramsey is a young player in his first season back after an horrific leg break which could have ended his career who not long ago lost one of the closest people to him to a tragic death.  He is not playing in the side consistently and I will never understand the logic that makes people think that telling him he is shit, crap, needs to die or have his leg broken again will somehow make him snap out of what is a bit of poor form. Is that really how you get the best out of someone? If it is I pity the people who know you in real life.

You are the real disgrace to Arsenal Football Club, not Aaron Ramsey.

I fear for Jack when he finally returns should he need a few months to find his touch again.

*End of rant*

….at least the comments should be lively today from all those people who never have a single thing to say when things are going right and who only ever open their mouths to criticise.

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  • Parsons6

    Great post

  • Kartik

    Really feel for Aaron, the fact that he never hides in a game despite going through a real slump shows his character imo…top top lad who i’m sure will make it big

  • Joey

    Ramsey WILL be big. But at the moment he’s off form and we can’t afford to have someone whose off form playing regularly at this point in the season. Although with Arteta out it looks like we’ll have to play him. Of course this is all a matter of opinion.

  • @afootandahalf

    What on Earth has become of th fans nowadays. Instant gratification (go somewhere else for that). Aaron Ramsay runs his socks off and keeps trying, has often played out of position. In the last year 2 pretty awful things have happened to the lad, a horror injury & the loss of a fellow professional, friend and a real mentor. It’s no secret he looked up to Gary Speed almost as much as Wenger.
    For any person who’s ever had a bad injury, getting back is so tough. And for anyone who has ever lost someone it’s difficult, well imagine feeling it in front of 60000 people. The lad is a top gooner and I want him to be here for years to come, don’t want an Eduardo story again. So leave him alone he had the same game as every other Arsenal player last night.

    It’s time the fans roared their heads off for him because he will be a big part of our last 4 games. I hope to God he comes out scores a cracking goal off Terry’s arse and shuts those whining moany fair weather supporters up.

  • LetsAllLaughAtArsenal

    “Let’s make it straightforward.”  You certainly did that – A straightforward defeat! Very funny indeed. Lose against Chavski and you may yet finish outside the top 4. That would be the funniest thing ever.


      awesome screen name.  absolutely. Let’s all laugh at Arsenal because from top to bottom, from the owner to the board to the overpaid wrinkly voyeur choreographer who pretends to be a football manager to his overpaid ballerinas, there is no other club who more richly deserves to be embarrassed, humiliated and laughed at than Cuntene FC.  It was extremely satisfying to watch Cuntene’s tantrums on the touch line,  and Van Glass Ankle’s petulant frustration because Caldwell owned him.  word is, the reason Cuntene has so much time for Diaby is because one time on an airplane while Van Glass Ankle’s was sleeping, Diaby caught Cuntene with his hand’s down Robin’s pants cupping his balls.

  • Girl Gunner

    Hey LA.. The loss last night was frustrating to me, not because we were bad, but because of two things…
    1.) the constant giving away of fouls..
    2.) the time wasting by wigan, and the fact that nothing could be done about it.. I sometimes even wished the ref would send all wigan players off ( btw who will restart the match if we scored if all players for wigan were sent off?)

    so basically, wigan were annoying, I get their reasons though..
    I do feel however, that we could have been better.. We weren’t the worst team ever on Wednesday, but we certainly weren’t the best!!
    To those of you being mean to Aaron Ramsey, I suggest you see a therapist or go to church or something.. No human being should be that mean to a person, especially over something as small as football!! He didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t rape anyone, he didn’t toture anyone with things like acid,he didn’t even insult anyone!! Come on, WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?!

    Anyway Chelsea are next.. I still believe in Arsenal.. Come on you gunners!! Stay blessed :)

  • Girl Gunner

    Btw by last night and by Wednesday I mean Monday :)