The wonderful @MarkJFine spent some considerable time since the season started comparing the stats from the final injury table of the season and the average age of the teams in the league.  These are his results:

  1. Seems to be quite a few discrete clusters with just a few outliers, which implies some kind of relationship(s).
  2. Arsenal shows as the youngest and nearly the most injury prone next to Man United. This may imply a cause and effect, where younger inexperienced players were used due to the amount and severity of injuries.
  3. Curious how Newcastle and Sunderland are close, as are QPR and Fulham, although on opposite ends of the spectrum which may imply similar recruiting and training styles due to their locale. Conversely, this is not the case with Liverpool and Everton, both Manchesters, West Brom and Aston Villa; as well as the remaining London teams.
  4. Incidentally, a lot was made of Man United being older and slower than City in the last derby… according to this, not so much.

Click here to see the chart.

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  • CB

    Using a spreadsheet and the LINEST function (see Excel) would be interesting to see the slope of the line inherent in the graph.

  • OMG Arsenal

    I am not sure what this tells us except that still being the youngest team in the EPL and in the top 2 for injuries each season might be related, but how? We need to know how City avoided injuries this season while being a young team as well. My guess is their ability to rotate key players on a regular basis is part of the reason. Our injuries were a combination of the chronically crocked (Diaby) and what physiotherapists call ¨ muscle/joint fatigue¨ injuries like Wilshere’s and Jenkinson’s as well as poor Sagna’s break dancing leg!.