Stats Comparison: Olivier Giroud vs Edin Dzeko

This statistical comparison will look at the 2012/13 EPL form of both Olivier Giroud and Edin Dzeko. These players were chosen as they both play for top 4 clubs in the league and are both known for being ‘big, strong players who are good in the air’. Whilst, Giroud has played many more minutes this season, all the stats will be done on a per minute or per match basis, to ensure all stats are equal and comparable, and will only include EPL stats. Also, there will be a focus on attacking and passing statistics, due to the their position being striker.


As the strikers main role is to score goals for the team, that’s the first stat to look at. Edin Dzeko has scored 6 goals so far this season in the league, whilst Giroud has scored 4 goals. As Dzeko has only played 563 minutes of EPL football this season, he has been able to score 1 goal/ 93.84 minutes. That is substantially better than Giroud, who has been able to score 1 goal/271.75 minutes.

Edin Dzeko Shooting vs Tottenham

This season, both Giroud and Dzeko have done 1 assist. With the amount of minutes played for each, this means Dzeko has a much better ratio: 1 assist per 563 mins to Giroud’s 1 per 1087 minutes. However, it is also key to look at the amount of key passes(passes which lead to a goalscoring chance). This season, Giroud has played 13 key passes at a rate of 1/83.62 minutes. Dzeko’s statistics show that he has played 11 key passes, at a rate of 1/51.18 minutes.

As both players are big, strong and good in the air, it is imperative to look at their respective aerial duels and their success rate. This season, Olivier Giroud has competed in 101 aerial duels at a success rate of 54.21%. Edin Dzeko has been involved in 59 aerial duels this season at a success rate of 46.08%. This mean Giroud is involved in an aerial duel every 10.76 minutes, whilst Dzeko has competed in an aerial duel every 9.54 minutes on average.

Giroud Header vs Fulham

Another key statistic to look at is the amount each player is dispossessed. This season, Olivier Giroud has had the ball taken off him 26 times, with Dzeko being dispossessed on 15 occasions. This equates to Giroud being dispossessed every 41.81 minutes on average, while Dzeko has been dispossessed on average every 37.54 minutes.


As both Giroud and Dzeko play for teams who like to keep possession, it is very important to look at their passing stats. This season, Olivier Giroud has played 293 passes in EPL football, whilst Dzeko has attempted 224 passes. This equates to Giroud has attempted a pass every 3.71 minutes and Dzeko, for Manchester City, has attempted a pass every 2.51 minutes.

Olivier Giroud vs Montpellier

The pass completion rate is very important, especially for teams who like to play a high number of short passes. The statistics show that Olivier Giroud only completes 63.1% of his passes, with Edin Dzeko completing 72.6% of his passes. This highlights the amount a player is able to bring other players into play and their team keep the ball.


It is clear that Edin Dzeko comes out on top of or most of these statistics, and is having the better season so far between the two. As an Arsenal fan, it would be excellent to have a player of Dzeko’s quality in our team. Hopefully in January, a high quality striker in bought into the team to improve our team. Whilst Arsenal have scored 26 goals in the 16 league games this season, it is clear to see that the team have struggled scoring in numerous games.


Stats from WhoScored and FourFourTwo Stats Zone

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  • Sunn

    For a meaningful comparison, you need to compare the price of both players as well.

    • Sam

      And perhaps the fact that dzeko has a couple of years in the prem under his belt, and giroud is only on his 10th game or something…

      • Jake

        Both good points. Thanks.

  • Ivor Biggun

    Dzeko would be a good addition

  • Marc

    Interesting… but if you really want to compare the quality of these individual players you should compare all games played for the club this season. it’s not like they chose to play better or worse when it’s a cup. with 3 additional goals and 5 additional assists, I’m sure that OG’s stats will turn a bit more respectable

    • Jake

      I only did the EPL games because with other teams, it becomes uneven. You can’t compare versing Real Madrid and Montpellier, or Borussia Dortmund and Bradford. With 16 games having been played, the teams have played most teams, so that was my reasoning.

  • Vishal

    What in the name of fark is the basis for this comparision. Crap.

    • ladyarse

      Thanks for your comment. Very constructive.

  • tommi d

    Not convinced. There’s a massive difference between receiving a perfectly weighted ball from David Silva to knock onto Tevez, and receiving a hopeful hoofed ball from gervinho.

    • Michael Fournier

      I agree Giroud is hindered by the lack of quality service at Arsenal. As sending in a early well placed cross (ala beckham) has never been on Wenger’s play book and is not in the game of any of the current Arsenal squad. If you look at vids of all of Giroud’s goals last year he scored more then half off a great cross from his teammates.

  • sammiel