The German national team assistant manager trusts Arsene Wenger to do what’s right for Podolski.


A lot has been made over recent days of Lukas Podolski and his happiness at Arsenal. Seen shaking his head [the horror!] after Arsene Wenger decided to bring on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain against Aston Villa and not him, many have speculated that he will obviously want to leave.

With a World Cup on the horizon it seems that every one feels that players will want to abandon their clubs just to make sure that they are on the plane to Brazil.

But the people who are closest to those involved don’t seem too bothered, namely the players and the managers.

Speaking to, Hansi Flick, said

Arsène Wenger has characterized precisely this: He does not overwhelm the players, he builds then carefully. He gives them time, and if Wenger sees that Lukas is back at 100 percent, then he will also play.

Of course, Lukas needs games for his rhythm, but I have no worries over it. I know Poldi’s qualities, and I know that Wenger knows this.

So, there you go, you can believe the assistant manager of Germany or a GIF doing the rounds on the internet.

It’s your choice.

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