Ahead of NBA Global Games London, Lukas Podolski dropped by.

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The thing I love about Podolski is not only does he get around, he lets us all know what he’s up to and it seems that he’ll be at the NBA Global Games London event which is due to take place in the O2 on Thursday night between the Atlanta Hawks and the Brooklyn Nets.

I’m not even going to try and say something intelligent about basketball because I was reading a  book last night by someone who clearly had no clue about football but tried to make it sound like they did and they ended up sounding like a right tit and it annoyed me so much I struggled to carry on reading it.

So. Here’s Podolski with the Brooklyn Nets head coach, former player Jason Kidd.

poldi nbaI’m assuming Poldi returned the favour by giving Kidd a lesson in hashtags.


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  • Arsene4PM

    What was the book?

  • Nick

    I think this is the first non-official picture of Podolski I’ve ever seen without a thumbs up.
    Jason Kidd was an amazing player. I’m from Atlanta and it’s really weird that the Hawks are playing there. I’d have expected 2 marquee teams to be playing but that’s just me. Basketball in the NBA is ridiculous now, there’s no rules, no calls for carrying the ball, double dribbling, etc.