Lukas Podolski ensured his Arsenal legend status on Wednesday night in a Q&A session.

Swansea City v Arsenal - FA Cup Third Round

Taking questions via Twitter, someone asked the German would he rather retire or play for Tottenham.

Here’s how that went:

poldi tweetBeyond brilliant.

Earlier tonight we brought you the German assistant manager talking about how he’s not worried about Podolski not getting much game time at Arsenal, believing that Arsene Wenger knows what he is doing easing him back from injury.

Poldi was seen looking less than pleased against Aston Villa when Wenger opted to bring Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on for his first appearance in five months and many had jumped to the conclusion that this automatically meant he would want to leave the club. Because he shook his head.


I guess Podolski is known for being the happiest player ever to play for the club so any time he is not smiling is cause for concern for some.

Anyway, his place at the World Cup seems pretty safe and he loves London and Arsenal. Nothing to be concerned about at all.

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Lee Hurley

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  • Seb

    Appropriate level of banter, but come on he’s not exactly going to say he’d rather play for spurs on an arsenal Q&A. If he was out of a job and the only option was spurs I guarantee he would join them. Not gonna happen but he would

    • Nicks Dad

      Who cares anyway he is a nazi gooner scum and crap aswell. Another kfc mynching asslicker like Szcesney and Wilshere.

      • gizzle

        Wow bitter spuds all up in dis bitch. Years of being forever in our shadows and being bullied bringing out the steam in ya. He’s been out for 4 months and still better than your strikers. Bloody mugs

  • Birdman

    well he is a see you next tuesday

  • Sol, William and Emmanuel

    We disagree with this

  • Twig

    Did anyone ask him what he feels his best position is? I am curious to know.

  • steve o

    spurs fans would rather see him retire than join spurs also

  • king paul

    No surprise there. after his abject, dismal failure at Bayern, he knows he is better off at small clubs who don’t win anything

  • Gooner mugs

    You think his response was “beyond brilliant”? To essentially a yes or no question! What the fak u expect him to say. Mugs

  • Patrick

    He might as well be retired… About as useful these days as a trophy cabinet at the emirates.. Honestly, those goons are such a pathetic bunch! FOYG!!!!!