Not ready yet it seems

Japanese winger could be on his way out of the club on a permanent basis.

Is this sayōnara?

Earlier today it was reported that Ryo Miyaichi could be allowed to leave Arsenal on a permanent basis during this window which came as a bit of a surprise, even though it probably shouldn’t really.

Loaned out to Bolton and Wigan after a successful spell with Feyenoord, injuries have got in the way of his development and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that he has not come on as much as many of us would have expected.

With such strong competition at the club out wide and Arsenal rumoured to be looking at bringing in another winger he was never going to get a chance, at least not this season.

It would, of course, be a shame to see him leave permanently as I think we all wanted the school-kid from Japan to make it at Arsenal, but perhaps more for his own sake than for Arsenal’s he needs to go somewhere he can play regularly and he’s just not going to get that opportunity at the club.

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Lee Hurley

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  • Cannöns of Rhethörik

    Noooooooo! Keep him please. He’ll come good

  • Gabo Toura

    letting him leave permanently sad -.he’d a good season @bolton & was sadly injured @wigan – he lacks confidence right now.

  • Nick

    Letting him leave is fair as it’s likely the only way to really further his development. He was purchsed out of high school on sheer raw talent. I hope he makes a name for himself but I don’t see it at Arsenal. Too many ahead of him that are much better and his injury woes don’t help either.