London is red, and here are the stats to prove it.


With more derbies than any other city in the Premier League, the image below shows that Arsenal are still the undisputed Kings of London.

Oh, and if you’d like to check, the Arsenal trophy cabinet will also bear this fact out. Trophies were handed out before 2006 you know.

london derbies

[image via London Evening Standard]

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  • CFCisBest

    As the song goes though, “We’re the only team in London with a European Cup, We’re the only team in London with a European Cup, We’re the only team in London, Only Team in London, Only team in London with a European Cup!!!!”

    • Pete

      correct CFCisbest, also the “Kings of London” have won ZERO games out of 10 against Jose!! meanwhile lowly Chelsea have only won 13 major trophies since “The Kings of London” last won anything.

      • ladyarse

        …and trophies only came in to existence after 2006. Shall we compare league title wins? Or how about FA Cups?

        • EL Ray S

          That is all Arse nal have history you retards

          • Baffler Meal

            If you’re going by history then nobody cares about your trophies since 2006 then. If history doesn’t count then we’re technically a better team than you right now.

        • Bigmz

          Careful now… that makes Spurs European giants compared to your lot of Euro final bottlers.

      • RealG

        Why have chelsea not been able to become invincible yet?? Spending all that money and you can’t even go a season unbeaten?? You still haven’t learnt how to play decent football? lol what a joke!! 13 major trophies?? You consider the charity shield and micky mouse league cup and europa league as major trophies?? lol small club mentality!! by my count you have PAID for ONLY 2 league titles! PAID for 4 fa cups, cheated your way to one champs league! I’d expect way more for the money spent to be honest!!

    • RealG

      The most UNDESERVING team EVER to win the European cup! You didn’t deserve it at all! Cheated your way to the cup! Had the easiest group to get out of, easiest fixture run in to the final! Played awful football! Was pure luck!! Oh and you PAID for it! Didn’t earn it!! If Arsenal spent half a billion on players, they would win every game 5 nil with STYLE!! Citeh are showing chelski how real superclubs with sugardaddies are meant to do it!! They buy awesome players like Aguero! You buy mugs like cheating drogba! You spend all the monies to defend all game and score 1 goal??? They spend all the money and win with style! Basically chelsea are a disgrace to football and to the champions league!! The champions league should be about the clubs who play great football!!! Who do things the right way! Not for dirty, cheating mugs!!!

      • EL Ray S

        You are only jealous cos Arse nal never won it and never will you have no world class players and never will ,keep on dreaming you mugs

        • Bigmz

          And all those Gooner idiots celebrating just because it meant Spurs wouldn’t get Champions League football. Sums up their attitude perfectly. Forever now in Chelsea’s shadow.

  • shizzle

    clutching at straws are we? Pathetic

  • steve

    Arsenal are always trying to build themselves up (top team in london lol) if you are any good why have you not won anything for 8 years( eight years) you will soon be out of the cl and you are in a false position in the pl…..YOUR CRAP