All the Arsenal fans want a striker during this transfer window, but what do the players want?

Earlier on Thursday it was reported that the Arsenal players had made a special request of Arsene Wenger – buy a striker please!

According to a story which is running in the Daily Star, a number of top players at the club have spoken to the boss about bringing in a player to boost their striking options to help them bring home the title.

I’m a little bit torn on this story. On the one hand, it’s good that the players care enough but, on the other, it’s the manager’s job and I’m pretty sure he knows exactly what is needed to win the title – he has done it before you know.

It makes me think of Robin van traitorface’s demands that summer he left but I know, rationally, the two situations are not anything alike.

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Of course, you are probably wondering how the Daily Star know this sort of thing. Well, this is what happens, stories get planted, and despite the Star’s reputation as being a bit of a rag, they are actually more reliable than a few of the other red-tops. They also have historic links with the club through their former editor and the former Arsenal chairman, Peter Hill-Wood who were close friends.

Hill-Wood used to feed Woolnaugh stories, all people in football do. It’s a great way of applying pressure in just the right spots.

Anyway, if you and I know that we need a striker then you can be sure the players do as well and is it really beyond the realms of possibility that a couple of them have said to Le Boss exactly that? Or, at the very least, posed the question?

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