The Daily Mail are sensationally linking Ashley Cole with a return to Arsenal with no evidence other than the ramblings of a journalist.

It’s a nice little fairytale and one surely guaranteed to get hits. After linking Robin van Persie, the most hated ex-Arsenal player with a return to the club, why not throw in Ashley Cole, number two on that list, as well?

Another big game snub means Cole s time at Chelsea is over... but don t rule out a shock move back to Arsenal   Mail Online

As it seems like Cole’s time at Chelsea could be coming to an end as he was left on the bench by Mourinho once again, the Daily Mail’s Neil Ashton’s rationale for suggesting he could return to Arsenal is simple – Arsene Wenger once said that he would re-sign him ‘If I needed a left-back.’

The entire basis for the Mail's headline piece.
The entire basis for the Mail’s headline piece.

But here’s the thing, and it’s a pretty big thing as well – Arsenal don’t need a left-back yet this is the main story on the Daily Mail website.

At the club they have the best young English leftback in the country and probably the second best English left-back overall. As his back up? Well, they have a Spanish national. Why on earth would Arsenal want Ashley Cole?

mail main story
The Mail’s lead story today

It’s a classic example of something being made up and a tenuous link inserted to try and make it seem credible.

It’s not, though I’m not really sure why I expect anything better from the Daily Mail.

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Lee Hurley

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  • D3

    Whoever that story and Ashley Cole can go fuck themselves

  • Nick

    Never happen! You made your deal with the devil to move to Chelsea for money and money alone. When you move to a club like that you are easily expendable and your age doesn’t help you out.

  • GunGary

    Second on the list? As much as I despise van Persie he isn’t comparable with Cole. Cashley Cunt is the devil as far as I’m concerned.