After what has been a stellar World Cup performance so far, Joel Campbell is firmly on everyone’s radar so it is no surprise that the Costa Rican is attracting admiring glances from clubs around Europe.

The player, whom Arsene Wenger admitted he almost sold, will return to Arsenal after his World Cup is finished and take part in pre-season training with the club but his future is far from clear.

Many Arsenal fans understandably want to see him given a chance to play for the club after he has excelled so well for both Olympiacos and his country.

Speaking to Milan News, a representative from his agency C&H said

“Are Italian teams interested? Yes.

“There are several clubs who are in the top band that have made enquiries about the boy.

“We are talking about a great player here, who has captured everyone’s attention.

“Milan? There hasn’t been anything concrete from them.

“His future at Arsenal is to be assessed after the World Cup.”

Of course, he certainly isn’t the big-name striker we all know we need but as well as needing to fill that position Arsenal also need to replace both Bendtner and Park who left the club this summer. While Park never really did much, his is a position that still needs filled, as does that of Bendtner and you would be hard pushed to find anyone to tell you that Campbell is not, at the very least, an upgrade on both those players.

Does he have a future at Arsenal? Only time will tell. If I had to put money on it I would suggest that we will see him stay at the club for the new season with his future depending on how he handles life in England over the next 12 months.

His contract with Arsenal expires in 2016.


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Lee Hurley

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  • Emma

    He doesn’t have the stamina to last 90 mins in the EPL for sure. I’d personally sell him abroad in the Italian or Spanish league. If he’d the pace and the gas to last, I’m pretty sure you can count him in the same mould as ARjen Robben. But sadly at the age of 22 he can’t last the distance.

  • Nic Bell

    Not sure I believe this, Wenger looks busy.

  • Nick

    Since we have him under contract till 2016 just bring him in this season & see what he’s got. If he doesn’t impress then sell him while he still has value. If he has a bad attitude or anything like that it makes your decision easier. He will definitely need to be given time to play though or he’ll want out and rightly so.

    • HLeeHurley

      I agree with you for sure, and, the great thing is, having tracked him over the past few years the one thing her certainly seems to have is a *great* attitude. Constantly talking about how lucky he is, how he will do whatever Arsenal want/ go wherever they say because they took a chance on him etc. Also seems to have a father who appreciates what the club have done for him rather than one always bitching and moaning.