I honestly thought that the next time I wrote a goalkeeper story for Daily Cannon it would be announcing the signing of David Ospina – but as that ‘imminent transfer’ has yet to be confirmed, the Spanish press have jumped on board the Arsenal goalkeeper hunt by suggesting that Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas could be a target.

Now, I’m not going to rule it out completely (I am however putting his performances at the World Cup as far away from my mind as I can) but what I will say is this…..the reports in Spain are suggesting that Arsenal will / have offered Casillas (at 33 years of age) a five year deal worth £7m a season (that’s around £135,000 a week). Does that sound like a move that Arsenal would make to you? I know that goalkeepers in general have a longer career than other positions, but a five year deal (given Arsenal’s reluctance to offer more than 1 year contracts to older members of the squad)? Wenger will be looking at a goalkeeper to compete with Szczesny, not to come in and expect to be first choice (he has invested to much in Szczesny to drop him like that). And those kind of wages are not the kind of wages that Arsenal will be paying for someone to sit on the bench.

So – as far as I’m concerned – Ospina is the man that will be coming in – and I think it will be tied up as soon as Arsenal return from sightseeing in New York.

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I'm pretty sure that I'm meant to say that if someone cut me - I would bleed Arsenal. I'm afraid to say that this isn’t true. I (like most other humans that aren't on reality tv) would just bleed. I do love Arsenal though as well as films, tv, music, comics and time spent in the public beverage retail unit. I'm married and I'm a Christian (but one of the good ones). I proposed with fridge magnets. She said no. I’m the author of 10 Resolutions and Stories about Life and yes - I still savour THAT Wiltord goal.
  • Henry Root

    I agree with you. This story is rubbish and is probably being peddled by Casillas’s people to drum Up interest. Ospina is due to be announced early next week for a fraction of this cost and is a much better option

  • Nick

    Laughed when I read this this morning. Since Arsenal routinely offer long term contracts to players 33 years old who will also be competing with another player we’re also signing in the same transfer window. The funny thing is since we’re being linked with him there will be a story pop up imminently on how Spuds are after him.