Jackson Martinez has admitted that he would play for Arsenal if the opportunity arose.

The striker, who has been linked with Arsenal for some time, is reported to have admitted being an Arsenal fan as a child as well.

The quotes, which were featured in an article by the Daily Express unsettle me for some reason. While they should, of course, be music to my ears given the calibre of the player allegedly saying them, something makes me feel uneasy about them and I am reluctant to trust them fully.

Anyway, you can make your own mind up as Martinez reportedly said

“I know that there have been discussions, but still no agreements.

“My agent is taking care of my future, right now I’m at the World Cup and only after the World Cup I’ll evaluate proposals.

“As a child I cheered for Arsenal, they play a game that suits me. If I had the occasion to play there, I would say yes.”

Martinez has a £35m buy-out clause.

The article in the Express is funny, mainly because it also claims that Olivier Giroud carried Arsenal’s title challenge last season ‘single-handedly.’ Bit of a stretch, no?

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  • Dolgion

    “carried his side’s title challenge single handedly” is probably more in reference to him being the only CF of sufficient quality all season.