“As far back as I can remember, I never wanted to be a Liverpool fan …”

That’s how Martin Scorcese might have begun his epic look at “The Life” had he been born over here. And in the unlikely event Goodfellas had been about football, rather than the Mafia. Actually, I quite like the thought of Mark Lawrenson being ice picked in the back of the neck, bundled into the boot of a car and then stabbed repeatedly because he just couldn’t keep his moaning mouth shut. It has the feel of poetic justice.

Too much? Look away now, ye faint of heart, because here be monsters: Scouse ones.


Let’s get straight to it then. I have alluded to it in the past, but just what is it about Liverpool Football Club that winds me up so much? Well, for starters, everything. I hate their sodding Shankly Gates, the “This Is Anfield” sign, the Anfield Rap… everything. It’s hardwired into my very core, it has been since childhood. I grew up in the 80’s. As unlikely as it may seem to those of you who are, shall we say, a little bit younger than me, back then Liverpool won everything. Or, at least, they seemed to.

The first FA Cup Final I remember? 1986; Liverpool 3 Everton 1. With that triumph, Liverpool sealed a historic double. And, in the process, the tracksuited King Kenny’s status as the God of all Gods. Nevermind the fact that he’d taken over a side who had reached the European Cup Final one year previously (we’ll get to that). Of course Dalglish still holds that status despite (because of?) his ridiculously one eyed defence of bitey racist, Luis Suarez. Suarez, of course, had just been handed the first of many lengthy suspensions for racially abusing Patrice Evra. Liverpool, as you can see below, overreacted ever so slightly, behaving as if the game’s governing bodies had killed their heroic number 7.

King Kenny martyring Luis Suarez

And people call Arsène Wenger myopic.

Ok, if I was being fair to Liverpool, I’d have to acknowledge that I’m well aware of Dalglish’s glittering past in the red shirt. But I’m not. And I’ve got ahead of myself. Sorry about that.

1985 was the first European Cup Final I was allowed to stay up and watch. Well, I would have been allowed, had some of the Liverpool fans present not caused the collapse of a wall, which crushed 39 Juventus fans to death. With chaos reigning, I didn’t get to see the game (as a seven year old child, of course I still wanted to), but at least I was able to get up in the morning. Unlike 39 Italians.

English clubs were banned from European competition for 5 years as a result of Heysel. And so, when Arsenal won the league title with the last kick of the 88/89 season, at Anfield of all places, we were denied a place in European football’s premier competition. Thanks, Liverpool. Obviously, that title victory was “thrilling” for everyone, except those associated with Liverpool Football Club. And Spurs. It seems to me that there is still a bitterness about that “most unbelievable climax” to a league season over 25 years later.

Witness the way Alan Hansen is visibly choked whenever he has to give praise to Arsenal on Match of the Day. Actually, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, do you? Witness the Telegraph article, published on the 25th anniversary of Liverpool’s dethroning, which suggested that our triumph was down only to Liverpool fatigue. Liverpool’s fans may have clapped us off that night. The subsequent realisation that we popped their little bubble- one league title in the last 25 years- has been a little harder to swallow.

History, it seems, is written by the winners. Unless, that is, it’s Liverpool who lost. There are some Liverpool fans out there who will tell you that this all ancient history. They’d be right too. But then they’d have to concede that much of their proud history is (Five times! Five times!), in football terms, positively Roman.


If you want to rewrite your history, it’s helpful to exert an unhealthy influence over the media. Liverpool have fifth columnists everywhere. Ok, Hansen and Lawro are on their way out, but Monotowen and Jamie Carragher have joined the likes of Jamie Redknapp, Phil Thompson and Graeme Souness in spreading the Liverpool agenda.

Actually, that’s not fair on Souness, whose punditry, I do enjoy. However, once a Scouser and all that… Phil Thompson could be heard tellling the world about how Alexis Sanchez had made a mistake by joining the team who finished 5 points behind Liverpool but, y’ know, actually won something last year. It was a theme the legend in his own lunchtime, Brendan Rodgers, took up. He dismissed Sanchez’s decision to sign for us as a matter of the Chilean’s missus preferring Oxford St to… whatever it is Liverpool have got. Nothing to do with our football club, nothing to do with our revered manager, Arsène Wenger, the squad of serious quality he is now building or our 16 years in the Champions League. No, just a shopping preference.

This struck me as really disrespectful towards our football club. But perhaps, thinking of Liverpool owner John Henry’s reaction to last summer’s legitimate, if ill conceived, Suarez bid, we shouldn’t be surprised. Alright, so Arsenal haven’t won a league title since 2004 and 13 is not quite as many as 18 but… how can I put this? Oh, I know, the last time Liverpool won the league title my little sister was 3; she is now a qualified solicitor. You’re. Not. Famous. Anymore. Or YNFA rather than YNWA. And, please, don’t get me started on that.

Not that you’d know that if you listened to the entitled Liverpool fans bleat on about how great they are; helped by the Liverpoolisation of the media, we are subjected to constant discussion of the Liverpool way. That is, when the Liverpool fans who started an online campaign to get Sanchez to sign for Liverpool aren’t too busy telling us how crap he is and how they never really wanted him in the first place. The perpetuation of “The Liverpool Way” myth conveniently forgets how the likes of Benitez and Houllier would regularly string a Death Star style deflector shield in front of their goal whilst merrily encouraging a bit of “Hoofball” for years and years and years. Only they’d use 10 warm bodies to do it. Roy Hodgson must have wondered what all the fuss was when he followed suit only to massively enrage the Liverpool faithful a couple of years back.

What was their problem? What is their problem? Anyone know?

Right, I think I’ve said enough. I’m glad I got that off my chest.

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It's a family affair... third generation Gooner, obsessed with Arsenal since the 80's. I've been writing about that obsession and, ever so occasionally, the team since 2004 in a variety of places, but have found a natural home here. As you will find out if you stick around long enough, I am a huge fan of Santi Cazorla. I'm extremely fond of cheese, Marmite, Pipers Salt n' Vinegar crisps, Pilsner Urquell, vodka tonics and absinthe. I am also hopelessly obsessed with Depeche Mode.
  • Andi Foster

    Great article! My simple reason for hating Liverpool is that my office is full of them (and that their fans seem a crazy level of disillusioned!)

    • Felderkirk

      You probably mean “delusional” but we’ll let it slide.

  • Joseph

    I feel like even acknowledging them with articles like this gives them more credit than they deserve. They’re a spiteful, angry, argumentative, hilarious bunch – and nothing pisses them off more than being ignored and patronized.

    Try it.

    • Felderkirk

      Ha! Oh sweet irony.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity


  • mike1222

    I love them – great history, in fact the best fans

  • nivster

    BT sport has an amazing advert out at the moment. Try to catch it if you can – you will love it!!!!!!

    • Mike

      Yep BY sport is headed up by a Spud and that makes him just as sad as you.

  • lol

    Blaha balaha 5-1

    • Mike

      Ha ha. That was your Cup Final lol

      • Felderkirk

        We started last season trying to take THIS trophy off you, but we decided to aim slightly higher instead.

  • Dave


  • Stuart C

    I dunno why but I’m not that keen on George Clooney…..

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Timmy Mallet winds me up.

  • Jammathon

    Brace yourselves. Angry Liverpool NewsNow’ers are coming.

    • Banksy

      Wrong, couldn’t give a shit!!!

      • The Arsenal

        Stop lying, your numerous posts on here show that you certainly DO give a shit (!!!) LOL

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Not angry. Just bemused.

  • Noelcred

    I always read about liverpools fans disillusionment and opinions on this and that… Liverpool fans would have liked Sanchez but it was he who said his family wanted to live in London… If you actually spoke to real Liverpool fans instead of intentionally trying to get a reaction with your juvenile arcticle or reading kids and idiots on twitter you might just find time to focus on enjoying your own club instead of becoming bitter and envious of another

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      I think real LFC fans realise that Ayre just ASSUMED Sanchez would join. He never put any effort in – unlike Wenger who gave the hard-sell over in Brazil.

  • Mike Key

    Of course no one suffers from the Manchester United dribble we have had to suffer and continue to suffer from! Has anyone heard they have a new Manager! lol!……….. God lighten up it is only football!

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Is he a tactical genius?

  • lol

    I don’t hate arsenal really the way I hate man utd or chelsea I am lfc fan but when I read this article show me a lot some thing I never see arsnal fan before

  • PeteLFC

    Well well. we are hurting when you come to Anfield this season we will try to go easy on you maybe 4-0. There are only so many dummies you can throw out of a cot. Anyway Quote Wenger=Failure.

    • hantsgooner

      “We won the league on merseyside”

      • Banksy

        You are a very very sad person

      • u-r-vermin

        and we clapped you off too. thats the difference between us. keep taking the hatred pills clown

      • AndWithSuchSimplicity

        What was that about “history” and “positivey Roman”???

  • Just me

    what annoys me about arsenal fans? tat they think suarez wanted to sign for them when henry laughed at the bid. Suarez wanted spain, suarez got spain. he wouldnt have signed for arsenal, he wouldnt have won you the title. yeah some of our fans are morons, but so are fans of every club.

    PS. Liverpool havnt sent their secret agents out into the media to promote our ideology, the media have chosen who they feel are best to be pundits/reporters. FFS I dont even want to listen to mark lawrenson. But because he played for us every time he brain farts nonesense its reported as “liverpool legend says arsenal…(insert critiscism here)”, and you idiots think our entrire club and fanbase shares his opinion. Hell, we aren’t telling michael owen to keep calling out your squad, he doesn’t rate you based on his opinion.

    • hantsgooner

      Henry didnt laugh at the bid he refused to honour a contract in the process he lied to Suarez, he lied to Arsenal, he lied to the media, he lied to the PFA, he lied to the FA a lie he even thought it was ok to admit to on US tv.
      For a Yank he makes a damm good lying cheating scouser!!

      • Banksy

        you are very very sad person!!!!

      • PolarBro

        John Henry didn’t do anything wrong. Contracts in football don’t mean much anyway.

      • AndWithSuchSimplicity

        And there we have it. That’s what this whole article stems from – 12 months of ICAN’TBELIEVETHEYDIDN’TSELLUSSUAREZ HEWASFUCKINGBRILLIANTBUTWE

      • Just me

        do you have any comprehension of how many lies are told every day by people of all back grounds and levels of importance? I assume your an adult, but its the internet, who knows…Lying sounds bad to kids, if your an adult you would have come to accept it as the way of the world.

        PS> your actually wrong aswell, the contract clause wasnt binding. It was “well worded” or in you opinion a viciously and deviously fraudulent lie, no doubt.

        The reason no one did anything about it? because the clause wasn’t real, the reason suarez and his agent didn’t make a complaint to pretty much anyone about being mislead that their was a binding clause? because he did not want to go to arsenal. and to be fair tweeting “what are they smoking?” is a pretty firm indication that henry did infact laugh at the bid.

        Ah whats the point? no matter what i say, you’ll come back with more arguments and attempts at insults. Theres no need though. good luck this season, i dont know when relations between our clubs fans soured so much, but reading these comments its clear we have no bond. shame, i never had any dislike for arsenal, but thats changing fast.

  • guest

    13 league titles and 0 European cups

  • d

    we may have lost 5-1 last season but least we won a trophy!

    • pukeee

      Wenger is a sneaky bastard.He sneaked his way to Sanchez. We won 5-1 in which none was assisted or scored by the bitter

      • AndWithSuchSimplicity

        pukee. Why do you keep going on about the ‘bitter’. I thought they were Evertonians…..

    • Greg

      First time you can use that excuse in nearly ten years after screaming that was a cop out to other clubs taking trophies still enjoy your mickey mouse victory over nobody.

      • Tony joseph

        I thought we beat Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton on the way to that “Mickey Mouse victory over nobody!!”

        • Greg

          Lets face it if it were such a big event you certainly wouldn’t have won it heres to Europe.

  • Gareth Jones

    You never will or ever have been as big as Liverpool FC….. well done you qualified for the CL for 16 season and still havent won it! ha ha jesus wept

    • pukeee

      naah man at present Arsenal are a bit above Liverpool.

      • Nige

        well technically 2 places below them 😉

      • Gareth Jones

        How do you work that out? Surely you are only as good as recent performance….

        remind me how that went?

        • pukeee

          our squad strength is less than Arsenal at the moment. Plus they been very stable finishing in top4 all seasons unlike us going up and down. If we finish in top 4 this season again, i believe the gap between these 2 teams will be gone.

      • AndWithSuchSimplicity

        Only because the current League table is alphabetical.

    • lol

      We know that

  • Buckers

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Hilarious article. Me thinks little old arsenal fans are upset because no one knows who they are. Get over it chaps your mommies still love you. See you on the pitch!

  • Mac the Red

    If you had been at Anfield in May 1989 you would have witnessed Liverpool fans generously applauding Arsenal fans for winning the league. That’s class.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      I think George Graham showed some class that night. He must have known how we were feeling after watching the League title snatched away from under our noses, but remained humble and dignified. That’s how i’ve always regarded Arsenal.
      Unfortunately they seem to have a new breed of fan that coincided with their new ground (style over substance).
      If it’s any consolation, I hate Arsenal for the 4 semis in 1980.
      And for Brian Talbot.

  • ArseAnal

    Lol. Christ. Only from an Arsenal fan’s eyes would the media be pro Liverpool. Admittedly, it has been that way since Brendan Rodgers took over as he has steadied what was a sinking ship. What he has done in the past two seasons is nothing short of a miracle. But prior to that we were the media’s punching bags. It grew tiresome.
    Anyway, this is why these two sets of fans will never see eye-to-eye. Simply because Liverpool fans hate Arsenal fans for exactly the same reason they hate us. So we talk about 5 times? You guys constantly go on about the invincibles unbeaten season. The two clubs and their sets of fans are so similar and I think that is what makes them clash so fiercely. Both are under achieving teams with a drought of silverware over the past years. Both seem to miss out on big targets in the transfer window. Both should be doing better in the league than they are. And both sets of fans share a somewhat delusional hope for every season.
    It is a little sad that as an Arsenal fan, the best thing you could think to write about was your hatred for a rival football team. Speaks volumes in itself.

    • Tom Morgan

      spot on

    • squiggle

      I think the Arsenal and Liverpool fanbases get on pretty well generally. I’m an Arsenal fan and Liverpool are one of my other favourite clubs (although so are Everton.)

  • dean jones

    18 League Titles / 5 European Cups / 3 UEFA Cups / 7 FA Cups / 8 League Cups = 41 MAJOR TROPHIES,AND THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ENGLISH CLUB EVER 😉

  • Alan Baines

    what is he smoking ?
    Most gooners are good football supporters and realise that LFC are one of the biggest clubs in europe.
    Get real LFC are not to blame for Arsenals failings over the years, blame Arsene for not spending the money they have had banked for a rainy day!

  • Yossarian

    Typical cockney punt…………………1985 was the first European Cup Final I was allowed to stay up and watch. Well, I would have been allowed, had some of the Liverpool fans present not caused the collapse of a wall, which crushed 39 Juventus fans to death. With chaos reigning, I didn’t get to see the game (as a seven year old child, of course I still wanted to), but at least I was able to get up in the morning. Unlike 39 Italians. ………..What was it appx 100 LFC supporters stuck in the middle of (thousands of Juventus fans trying to kill them) with an enraged moron pointing a gun and firing at them, with nowhere to go, you should do your research.
    This is a propaganda piece executed by an Arssenal fan who should follow his club and support them instead of hating, grow up, glad you are not an LFC supporter we don’t like whining and bitching and crying and tanrums and dummy throwing baby Wenger wannabees, what a pillock.

    • dean jones

      Your a knobhead.

      • DeanoLFC

        Your a nobhead

  • Felderkirk

    I think I speak for most Liverpool supporters when I say that, believe me – we’d be more offended if you said you liked us. One of the happy side-effects of supporting a team is that you’re either apathetic at best towards other teams, or you hate them. Personally, Arsenal don’t even register on my radar as anything other than an extortionately-priced season ticket to watch a group of waifs take a Champions League place from a club that might actually bother to try and win it. This article is time that could have been similarly spent talking us through your breathing patterns.

    • Mike

      As soon as you spouted that wild innaccuracy about the cost of season tickets it was clear you didn’t know what you were talking about…..mind you, you did claim to know nothing about other clubs. Still it’s usually advisable to check facts before coming out with some bullshit argument or you just look like an idiot. and btw, I assume we’re not on your radar in the same way Premiership titles aren’t either. Congratulations.

      • Felderkirk

        How are those cheap season tickets working out for you, you daft twat?

  • Blah

    Don’t worry they will be back to their usual 6-7th place again soon.

    • lol

      Lol don’t worry u enjoy lfc and chelsea mancity they will crushed like Crazy

      • blah

        That almost made a sentence, you can’t possibly be from Liverpool!

  • LFC

    LOL a bitter account from a Gooner there. Sanchez did pick you for your location, get over it. And yes you may have been in the champions league year after year, but your never a threat to anybody in it, nobody ever thinks you will win it. That just means that Wenger has one of the worst records in Europe…how many times has he been in it? how many finals have you played? enough said

  • stanR65

    What A very sad man…

  • Greg

    This writer is a bitter and twisted human being and that’s being kind really you shame yourself and your club more than anything.
    I am a proud Liverpool fan and i don’t hate particularly hate Arsenal or their fans its easy for enablers like you to bring out hatred in people you should be ashamed.

  • Mike

    I accept some of the points you made. Heysel sticks in my throat too. And as for Hansen, Lawrenson et al. Jeez they really are a bunch of resentful sychophants. However……..
    Being even older than you I remember those great Liverpool sides. And they did it without a galaxy wide fan base and the brown nosing tabloid media and the money from live tv football. What must makes it worse for them is they have to continually have Man U shoved down their throats. God I hate Man U with a passion for what they are (and now we have Citeh and Chelsea), it must be worse for LFC fans. I have to cut Liverpool some slack for that.
    Liverpool could indeed be classed as the finest football club this country had ever known on the basis of their European Cup record. However, as I tried to convince those blinkered Man U (I’ve-got-the-shirt-but-can’t-even-point-to-manchester-on-a-map) “supporters”. The history of football didn’t start with the European Cup. Had there been such a trophy back in the 30’s seems pretty damned clear we’d have won it several times before Celtic even had a sniff let alone the Lancashire mob.
    Let’s be a bit pragmatic here. Ex-Liverpool players are crap pundits but the Liverpool team of the 70’s and 80’s (excluding 1971 of course!) were damned fine and not to be confused with the money led teams of later/current years. And unlike some of those other teams, at least the vast majority of Liverpool fans have a connection with Liverpool……

    • Felderkirk

      You’re drunk, you knobend. Go home.

      • Felderkirk

        Hear Hear.

  • lol

    Arsenal fan think they’re bigger than lfc lol

  • thepodger77

    Fair enough, you are of course, entitled to your own opinion but you have to admit, they played some fantastic football last season, eh?

    • Huss

      English clubs weren’t banned from from European competitions for 5 yrs you muppet. LFC were banned and the rest were banned for 3 yrs

      • AndWithSuchSimplicity

        I thought it was 5 years and us 7??? Maybe time is playing tricks on me.

        • AndWithSuchSimplicity

          Just looked it up. John Smith withdrew us from Europe, then the FA banned all English clubs, then UEFA put an indefinite ban on.

  • oh dear

    Grow up fella

  • hantsgooner

    “We did this,we did that, we won this, we won that” trouble is u did those things when most of the southern scousers writing on here were babies in arms or not even born!!! 24yrs an counting!!!

  • sharkio fisher

    The reasons why i really, really hate Arsenal football club is, Arsenal supporters can`t get over the fact that we Liverpool supporters are the most intelligent football supporters in the world. And i don`t actually hate Arsenal I just pitty them, it must be devastating and frustrating for you to know that you will never be good enough to win the champions league, and will always be known has the second best team in your city.

    • Sharkio OWNED

      says a twat who hasn’t seen his team win a league title in 24 years!
      List the 50 biggest teams in World football – NONE of them have gone 24 years without a title!

      • sharkio fisher

        Just think about your reaction to my post? now that`s what i call a immature reply well done.

    • wondrinfree

      When people claim themselves to be the ‘most intelligent’ without any evidence or metrics to support their stupid boast I treat it as evidence to the contrary. When Liverpool fans broke into the Juventus end at the Heysel stadium to avoid paying and caused that disaster, like yourself, they probably thought they were being a bit clever.

      • AndWithSuchSimplicity

        I really shouldn’t even rise to this, but checks your facts out. When did LFC fans break into the Juve ‘end’? The LFC fans were 1) Already in the ground. 2) Broke through a chicken wire fence into the neutral ‘end’.

    • zico59

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Liverpool fans the most intelligent football fans in the world! Get a grip you thick twat, and sort out your grammar…known HAS the second best! You are ain’t you…you’re a single cell omoeba with brain damage? LOL. You scousers are among the THICKEST set of supporters around the globe. You still live in an era where perms, big bushy side-burns and shell suits are still the norm you twat. Come back when your capacity to think rationally is up to standard….f..king idiot.

      • sharkio fisher

        Zico59 did i hit a nerve ? thats the kind of reply i`d expect from a ignorant fool who thinks grammar has anything to do with with football. Like the author of this idiotic piece, you sir are nothing but a sheep who can`t think for himself, by name calling and hurling abusive language makes me think your psychologically imbalanced, your not able to put a rational point across so what does a neanderthal like you do hit out because he knows no better. Your level of intelligence just showed you up, the minute you started typing this barrage of abuse. Are you sure i`m the one who has brain damage.

        • zico59

          You definitely are a Liverpool fan aren’t you? You been looking up your dictionary to find some big words sonny? Your grammar’s still wrong you thick twat… come back when you can write properly you cabbage!!! lmfao

  • 5-1


    • Deluded Kopulater

      at Anfield… but spanked you at the Emirates, and also dumped you out the FA Cup. 3 games played won 2. And won the FA Cup. Enjoy that 5-1. what did it get you? Thanks for being a doormat on our way to winning theFA Cup though. Now jog-on!

      • AndWithSuchSimplicity

        It got us a BT advert.

  • Mondles

    You hate the Shanklygates and This is Anfield sign….jeez…get a grip fool….. and poor diddums was denied wathching the gooners fail to win the European Cup in 1989/90…well poor you, you dont mention sympathy with the 96 people who weren’t able to see your great season climax by beating the resulting physically and emotionally exhausted set of players but hey dont have any sense of proportion will ya

  • arsenil

    such hatred….still…all in the way you are brought up I guess…bit is it really hatred?…or mere jealousy?

  • Lfcfan123

    Arsenal FC:where TRAITORS are born.

  • Guest

    havent laughed so much in ages, why is it AFC CFC and ManUre are so obsessed with us? like we are bothered about you lot.

    this bit really made me laugh though :
    “nothing to do with our revered manager, Arsène Wenger”
    is this the same manager that this time last year you where all booing off the pitch and wanting to be sacked? ha ha

    then you follow the above with :
    “This struck me as really disrespectful towards our football club.”
    no i think you do a good enough job of disrespecting your own club and manager.


    nothing to do with our
    revered manager, Arsène Wenger, the squad of serious quality he is now
    building or our 16 years in the Champions League. No, just a shopping

    This struck me as really disrespectful towards our football club.

    Read more at: http://ladyarse.co.uk/2014/07/really-really-hate-liverpool-football-club/ | Daily Cannon
    nothing to do with our
    revered manager, Arsène Wenger, the squad of serious quality he is now
    building or our 16 years in the Champions League. No, just a shopping

    This struck me as really disrespectful towards our football club.

    Read more at: http://ladyarse.co.uk/2014/07/really-really-hate-liverpool-football-club/ | Daily Cannon
    nothing to do with our
    revered manager, Arsène Wenger, the squad of serious quality he is now
    building or our 16 years in the Champions League. No, just a shopping

    This struck me as really disrespectful towards our football club.

    Read more at: http://ladyarse.co.uk/2014/07/really-really-hate-liverpool-football-club/ | Daily Cannon
    nothing to do with our
    revered manager, Arsène Wenger, the squad of serious quality he is now
    building or our 16 years in the Champions League. No, just a shopping

    This struck me as really disrespectful towards our football club.

    Read more at: http://ladyarse.co.uk/2014/07/really-really-hate-liverpool-football-club/ | Daily Cannon

  • u-r-vermin

    havent laughed so much in ages, why is it AFC CFC and ManUre are so obsessed with us? like we are bothered about you lot.

    this bit really made me laugh though :
    “nothing to do with our revered manager, Arsène Wenger”
    is this the same manager that this time last year you where all booing off the pitch and wanting to be sacked? ha ha

    then you follow the above with :
    “This struck me as really disrespectful towards our football club.”
    no i think you do a good enough job of disrespecting your own club and manager.


  • Tom

    Coming from an Arsenal fan this is an entirely unbalanced and quite frankly pathetic dig. Liverpool should be applauded for the way they conduct themselves on and off the pitch (Suarez aside) they act with the morals that we pride ourselves on. In a world of oil funded circus clubs Arsenal and Liverpool are a dying breed of clubs with class and tradition.

    You run a click fishing “website” with misleading headlines to generate clicks on NewsNow, to top it off its poorly written – granted I clicked the link but I couldn’t believe there would be any reason to start writing articles about other clubs.

    Poor form.

    • denis nasila

      You seem to have forgotten how Arsenal were crucified in the media for bidding more than 40m. Brendan accused us of trying to influence Suarez yet Arsene only mentioned him when the bid was revealed. Then it turns there was clause. Why weren’t they hounded like we were? We certainly didn’t lie.

      • Felderkirk

        Whiny little bitch. “We certainly didn’t lie.” ??? Grow up for fuck’s sake.

      • Tom

        What has that got to do with my comment? Did you not read the “Suarez aside” bit?!

  • The Regista

    Surely this article wouldn’t have been paid. I mean there is plenty of space on the internet nowadays for those who feel the irrepressible need to vent their biased, “one eyed” opinions. Back to Facebook or Twitter, champ. In any case, this being a ‘blog’ should allow you some personal freedom, correct? Of course, just think about backing up some outlandish claims with facts and noteworthy points before publishing something you have attached your name to.

  • Bigtruered

    I don’t even think about arsenal – they don’t matter enough

  • tuscan74

    wow how sad are you??? ha ha ha you idiot

  • Blanchett

    hahah fucking hell, this lad has got too much time on his hands, what a sad little man

  • jim

    you are old enough to remember boring boring Arsenal then.

  • Don Townlon

    Don’t hate Liverpool – they are a club with far more class than United or Chelsea for instance. But since the return of Dalglish, and the absolutely bonkers ramblings of Brendan Rodgers who talks as if he’s in the highest echelons of managers (has won nothing – ever – remember that!), there is a greater dislike for them than before. This holier than thou attitude that the media has bestowed on them. There was a lot of crap last season about if they’ve won the league it would be proof that a club that doesn’t spend big can do it. What? However ‘small’ they might’ve spent, they still spent MORE than Arsenal who were decimated by injuries due to the fact that they played 16 games more than they did. And lest we forget, this is the same club that spaffed over 75m on Carroll, Downing & Henderson a year before.

    Mourinho was right about the complete saturation of ex Liverpool players being pundits. And that subliminal brainwashing continues today. This is a club who haven’t won a title in almost a quarter of century!!! They haven’t won a title since the back-pass law came in. They barely won a title in VHS!!!

    So no, I don’t hate Liverpool, but their myth is tiresome. And with David Brent as their manager, it will become more so.

  • nobhead

    Even Arsenal fans do not like this very poor attempt at a serious supporter blog, pack it in mate, ya going nowhere

  • riise

    ‘you’re not famous anymore’ is that a joke? Above anything Liverpool are famous, a much bigger club than Arsenal, whoever wrote this is shite at what they do

  • u-r-vermin

    i think this article was written to press buttons and get hits to this crappy site from a ‘bigger than AFC’ fanbase. clicks = money earning from your advertising revenue.
    bad sastards

  • Bobhorse

    I was there when Arsenal won the Title at Anfield. do i hate Arsenal for it, of course not. The table never lies and the best team won the League that year. I stayed behind to applaud them on their lap of honour after all it was what i was brought up to do

    Arsenal are now not even the best team in London let alone the Prem and you can see that this Lad is looking at that fact City won it last year they will be top 4 again Chelsea the best team in London should also be there so that leaves Liverpool United and Arsenal to fight for 2 places in his distorted viewpoint and with both teams likely to out spend Arsenal this summer he is venting his frustrations in advance sort of get your excuses in first but to point the finger at Heysel in 85 for anyones woes is ridiculous yet something that Everton also like to harp back to so seeing that only one team could be Champions that means one of them at the very least is in lala land

    Arsenal have for years been punching above their weight wholly due to Arsene Wenger who has molded an excellent club which is being run the right way but money is the key factor in todays game and the teams that invest most in their teams will be those at the top of the pile come May and This fan can already see the writting on the wall

    • hantsgooner

      So what happened the season b4 last when Everton were the highest finishing team from Merseyside does that then mean they are a bigger team than Liverpool

    • KimbO

      Yea that’s exactly what sp*rs thought after flogging Bale and also spending £100m+ on garbage ! I guess we’ll find out, eh…

  • Kipmonster

    What a great & totally true article. Of course the snivelling ‘Scallies’ replying don’t live within 100 miles of Liverpool & no doubt were gloryhunting spoilt brat kids of the early 80s. TV & Radio is dominated by deluge of ex Liverpool player pundits who I’d say with the exception of Souness are dishonestly biased without a perspective even many ex Chelsea, ManUre & Spurs player pundits at least occasionally display.

    • kopernikus

      Mate, you ever heard of fullstops?

      • Kipmonster

        Mate, have you ever heard of a “job”?

    • Lucas James

      Are you saying “100 miles” because you live 99 miles from Highbury? That was a bit thoughtless wasn’t it.

      • The Arsenal

        How many times are you going to say “Highbury”?, we’ve been playing at The Emirates for a good few years now, you’re a bit dim arn’t you? Go rob a newspaper or steal a telly you theiving granny mugging tramp, at least try and keep up ffs. lol :)

  • Let’slookatlogic

    Liverpool fan above: “Sanchez did pick you for your location, get over it.”

    Er, no. Let’s see what the man himself says, eh? All quotes are from videoed interviews.

    Sanchez: “I’m so happy to be joining a club which has a great manager, a fantastic squad of players, huge support around the world and a great stadium in London. I’m looking forward to playing in the Premier League and Champions League.”

    “I feel happy to be here. I know this club has a manager that looks after his players and takes care of them as well. I am here to win titles and to achieve as much as possible.”

    “Arsenal is a club that cares about the players and I can learn a lot here. It is also a great team. That’s why I am here.”

    “I was told that he is a manager you can learn a lot with. He wants to achieve great things in football and that helped me make the decision to sign for Arsenal.”

    “Arsène Wenger´s style of play is the sort of style the Chilean national team has. Therefore I am used to it. Arsenal plays very well, which fits my style. That’s why I moved here.”

    “Playing regularly wasn’t the only reason why I came here. I came here to win the league title, the Champions League and every title at stake.”

    “I am definitely looking forward to playing there. Every child dreams to play in a ground like Emirates Stadium.”

    Nope. Not a single mention of the shops at Oxford Street. The footballer just seems obsessed with the idea of the manager, team and facilities. Funny that.

    • MPA

      lol @letslookatlogic. Ok let’s be logical… is a footballer that has just signed for a new club going to explain that a major influencing factor was that he would prefer to live in London when giving his first (or any interview)? Come on, let’s be serious here. Look there is no doubt that Arsenal is a great club, play good football, have a good manager etc. There is also no doubting that Liverpool are a great club and, thankfully we are now playing good football also and have a hugely promising young manager. I don’t think there is a great deal between the clubs for a player to pick between at present – you would not have been shocked if Sanchez had signed for Liverpool – and the fact is that things like geography will then become influencers in decisions. Over the years we have missed out on a few players because they/their families wanted to be in London and it was reported in the media well before Rodgers made any comment about it that Sanchez wanted to be in London. Anyway, I think the one thing most logical people can agree, both Arsenal and Liverpool fans (I hope you included), is that the ‘article’ above is a complete disgrace and written by a pathetic individual. I really do feel sorry for anyone that felt compelled to spending time on and writing something so pathetic.

      • Blah

        If we are going to go and be all serious rather than just winding up Liverpudlians ;), I would say Sanchez probably saw Liverpool being rather inconsistent over the past few years and selling their best player whereas Arsenal have been an ever present in the champions league and have announced their intentions of returning to the big time by signing players like Ozil and now Sanchez himself along with winning the FA cup.

        If you do manage to stay in the champions league for a few seasons in a row then perhaps the next big player’s decision might be different but until then it sounds more like a polite excuse for a rejection than anything else.

        • Lucas James

          What are you on about. Arsenal are consistently knocked out of Europe. Sanchez should have been honest and stated he wanted to be knocked out of Europe every single season. I genuinly believe Everton should be given your European place, even they would have done better.

        • AndWithSuchSimplicity

          Nothing to do with sponsorship of course… Sanchez has a deal with Puma : who makes Arsenal’s new kit again…???

      • Let’slookatlogic

        Fine, if you really want to believe that Sanchez was tied between Arsenal and Liverpool, and the only determining factor in the end that edged for him it was the location of the training ground.

        All I can say is that Sanchez has repeatedly mentioned a specific desire to work with Wenger. He has spent the last few years playing at Barcelona with Fabregas. I think Cesc putting in a few good words about how his development as a player might be handled might have swayed him a little more than the thought of the London Eye and Hamleys. Oh, and Wenger speaks Spanish.

        That’s not a criticism of Liverpool. Some players find certain managers suit their own personalities and playing styles. Sanchez is one of them, or so every thing that has come out of his mouth at interviews indicates.

  • Charles Harding

    You truly need your bumps feeling by a trick cyclist! I wont waist my time by responding to all of your deluded diatribe but, for one point, at least. You rant about ‘liverpoolisation’ of the media, how sad and totally wrong you are! Liverpool is not a media city and as such we have suffered decades of negativity from the laaandon and manc based/biased media; an example even today, picked up the manc u review, aka daily mirror, it was full of manc u, arse, chelski and even wham! Any time the most successful club in the history of English football (YES,it still is lfc) it is played down ignored or derided by the laaandon and manc media. So, get your facts right before you attempt to write any more! As you have clearly lost your dummy, as well as your marbles, why not ask mummy for a new one. Get back to playing with your playstation, and other little things, and leave true football fans to get on with important things!

    • Dave

      Alan Hansen
      Jamie Redknapp
      Graeme Souness
      Jamie Carragher
      Mark Lawrenson
      Kevin Keegan
      John Barnes
      Michael Owen
      Steve McManaman
      Phil Thompson
      Stan Collymore
      Jim Beglin
      Dietmar Hamann
      Ray Houghton
      All ex-Liverfool players and all pundits. I think thats what he meant by the Liverpoolisation of the Media

  • jim

    who wrote this pile of shit. Get a life you sad bitter twat.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Speak your mind, Jim.

  • Doofus

    I get a kick out of the jealousy, get over it man and enjoy the game Liverpool is a bigger club, so what.

    • lol

      Arsenal fan know lfc bigger than arsenal

  • JohnPaul

    I would rather get cancer than ever read anything you write again you pathetic little twat.

    Liverpool are simply a bigger club, why can’t this be accepted. Arsenal are a great club and fans would be better off focusing on loving Arsenal rather than hating others. Hate Spurs or Chelsea if you want to hate someone.

    • lol

      Arsenal fan jelouse they never had European cup

    • hantsgooner

      Think the word yr looking for is “were” hardly a bigger club when they havent won the title in the league they play in for 24yrs

  • lol

    Listen arsenal fan I know arsenal never miss champion league spot but they will ever beat big team Europe they way liverpool fc did u will will see this season

    • Gooner

      Can you repost that in English mate? You’re no doubt just another African “supporter” sitting in his mud hut in a filthy fake replica shirt.

  • Pablo

    Poorly researched… no, that’s not true… unresearched:

    “The 39 people killed were 32 Italians (including 2 minors), four Belgians, two French fans and one from Northern Ireland.” from Wikipedia, the author should look it up the next time he’s making up facts.

    Liverpool fans had travelled to Rome for two finals in the preceding years before Heysel. In both instances, Rome police either failed to protect or actively assisted Rome fans in attacking Liverpool fans. And then Heysel; an unfit stadium without fan segregation or adequate policing.

    I prefer to think of the tragedy as I do Hillsborough. Football fans died, nationality irrelevant. People who went to see a football match died. Both Hysel and Hillsborough were utterly avoidable and yet somewhat predictable. Authorities had a lot to answer for in both cases. With Hillsborough, if it wasn’t Liverpool fans attending that stadium, it would’ve been other fans at another stadium that eventually ended the penning in of crowds at games. Fortunately for every other club, it was Liverpool fans who paid the price. Be thankful for that, for your comfy seat at the stadium and respect both our loss and the injustice suffered.

    I’m a Liverpool fan but if the tables were turned and a fan of my club had written this piece, I’d be embarrassed and ashamed. There’s no humour, it’s just bitter and nasty with extreme violence thrown in for good measure… we don’t particularly like Mark Lawrenson’s face or punditry, but an Ice Pick to the back of the head is the sort of thinking I’d expect from a 16 year old troll whose Internet-fed upbringing has denied him both basic social skills and empathy, not a man in his thirties.

    On a scale of Zero to what some Arsenal fans sing to Ashley Cole, what Suarez said to Evra scores about One.

  • Billy

    It’s sad that you hate a football team so much. As the scousers would say “calm down, calm down”.

  • Banksy

    I never realized that Arsenal Fans feel this way about Liverpool, I have always looked at Arsenal as a club, like ourselves, as a classic English Club that had respect for each other. Great supporters, great traditions always a top English Club. One of the 3 great English Clubs, Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal. As a Liverpool supporter I just don’t get it! I have never felt that way toward Arsenal, I was at Anfield that night in 89 and applauded you of the pitch. Why don’t you take your anger out on the real enemy in Chelsea and Manchester City, they have nothing except money they buy everything. Clubs like ours should respect each other, and earn what we achieve, not just buy it!

    • Tom

      We don’t, just morons operate on this blog.

  • zico59

    You got it spot on mate. And for those of you scousers out there who feel the need to slag him off for this article, either go to your own sites, or failing that, at least try to “Spell” properly whence slagging him off. I mean, “waist”, it’s “WASTE” YOU THICK SCOUSE TWAT. Two more brain cells, and you could have been cabbages!!!

    • David

      Yeah, you’re completely spot on man. It’s not like an Arsenal fan to make an absolute fool of himself with a spelling mistake. http://crazyforfootball.com/an-arsenal-fan-tries-getting-debuchy-on-the-back-of-his-shirt-fails-picture/

      • u-r-vermin

        cant even line the letters up never mind spell.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Were you that fat ugly bloke behind the dugout at Villa Park wearing that sheepskin?

      • u-r-vermin

        LOL remember when they where booing ”arsey whinger” off the pitch aginst villa at the start of last season and campaigning to sack him. classy stuff AFC! now he is referred to in above article as “our revered manager, Arsène Wenger”. GOON[er]S

        • AndWithSuchSimplicity

          I was actually on about some nob at the Villa Park League Cup game (McMahon and Aldo I think) who ran down about 8 steps in his sheepskin just to hurl vitriol at Dalglish.

    • Youracu*tzico59

      Your reply was great. I really mean it! “Cabbages”. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! Your comedic wit, is a joy to behold.

    • Silver Fox lfc exile.

      Not sure who you are but you need help. Football is a game to be enjoyed, without opposing fans participating what would be the point. I applauded Arsenal off the park in 89 because I appreciated their performance even though it cost us a title. Its only a game for Gods sake. I suppose last years 5-1 took a bit of swallowing, but happens. Get over it. By the way I would check your own grammar in your posts before you criticise peoples spelling, it is a bit childish.

      • zico59thethicktwat

        You are “spot on”.

    • Lucas James

      Just stop going on about LFC all the time and no-one will visit your precious sites – they come up on our newsfeeds daily because they contain names like Suarez, Dalglish, Heysel, Hillsborough, 5 times Champions of Europe etc. Are you really that dim? Your fan sites are cashing in on the millions of hits generated by visiting LFC supporters. You really are the victim here.

      Also, can you go through all the posts from gooners that contain spelling mistakes and call them thick? There’s plenty for you. Cheers!

  • The Doctor

    We’ve been out of the champions league for the past few years and are still are bigger, more globally supported club than those perennial bottlers from darn sarf.

    Continue to write your articles, tell yourself that arsenal really are a big club and that Sanchez really did chose arsenal for your ‘excellent’ fans, dreadful manager and your stadium – he’s looking forward to the fight for 4th place next year I hear.

    • Doctor who?

      “dreadful manager” eh? A manager that would/could walk into any team in world football, can you say the same about Brenda, a manager that has NEVER won ANYTHING anywhere? Nope.
      Those poor murderng scousers, its never their fault yaknow?

      • Lucas James

        AW is definately a dreadful manager. God awful, in fact. Surely, if he was any good, given his 15 years or whatever of continuity, he would have won Europe’s elite competition at least once but he hasn’t, he’s an expert in failure.

  • Charles Harding

    Hey zico59, firstly zico what a pretentious pillock are really a Brazilian great or are you just delusional! Secondly, WOW – a spelling mistake! You really are clutching at straws! Go and such your dummy and anything else you probably enjoy – bye bye arse!

    • The Arsenal

      LOL, You ugly scouse cunt, stick to robbing old grannies…baldy :)

      • Lucas James

        Another one who has never been to Highbury, one of the crime capitals of the UK… you gormless, buffoon.

        • The Arsenal

          Highbury was turned into flats years ago, and i’m a “gormless buffoon” eh? LMAO!

  • arsenalfansaresadbastards

    All that bitterness….hahaha!!! Love it, I hope your sad little world is forever eaten away and destroyed by it. You need to get a life, you sad prick.

  • Jas

    Oh give it a rest will ya!! Talk about chips on shoulders!!

  • Sully

    What a complete tool you really are. Your mother will run your bath shortly and put you to bed. Tomorrow you can find something else to rant about as a distraction from having a small willy. Bless

  • mike

    Arsenal already crying before the season starts because they know it’s Europa next year :)

  • Silver Fox lfc exile.

    What a sad article. I remember with affection all the great occasions when LFC played Arsenal over the years and enjoyed a drink after the games with their supporters. All this hate and vitriol is spoiling the beautiful game. The new generation of supporters (of all teams) are limited in their knowledge of the game and miss what football is all about, its not tribal as they would have it, its just a matter of being proud of your team, but also appreciating when other teams are better. Perhaps the rubbish written by this correspondent is the result of LFC
    having 5 European Cups in the cupboard, which despite Arsenals regular qualification for this trophy their trophy cupboard is bereft of any ‘Big Ears’. Great club that they are Arsenal have some way to go before they become a major player in European football.

    • http://www.theinternet.com Football Insider

      You make a good point. I’ll always remember the Arsenal players laying flowers at the Kop end before ‘that match’ following the Hillsborough disaster.

      I guess now we’re competing with each other again we have to hate each other. Take that you rat-eating, shell suit wearing, bin dipping drama queens 😉

      • Lucas James

        You really are stuck in a timewarp you flaccid auld lard arse. Arsenal are competing on the stock exchange these days. Gooners are more likely to quote the Financial Times than the match day programme… and you know it.

        • The Arsenal

          “Stuck in a timewarp” eh?, thats coming from someone that keeps saying that Arsenal play at Highbury, hahahaha, cheers for the laugh dipper…at your expense :)
          Come back when you’ve won the PL, i wont hold my breath :)

  • Arsene knows

    Hahaha, look at all the bitter bindippers crying, scummy worthless bath avoiding smack heads.
    “We must not let it slip”…ROOOOAAAARing with laughter!!!!

    • Lucas James

      You’ve never been to Highbury have you, you cross-eyed, nincompoop. It has shocking crime rates, up there with the worst in the UK.

      Did you even read the article? I sugest you do and then tell us who’s bitter. You really are the doziest of chumps!

  • Charles Harding

    Totally agree! These arses really are immature! Spoilt, fickle little cock knees (not real cocknies). Get back to Woolwich!

    • Blah

      Was that deliberate Irony? childish spelling of ‘cocknies’ after calling arsenal fans immature? If so then love it, if not then I’d be a bit too embarrassed to put my real name and picture beside my comments!

    • emiratesfancydress

      Don’t baffle the dopey little pricks, with that final comment!!!

    • hantsgooner

      Suggest u check what a cockney is b4 mouthing it off a cockney is someone born within the sound of Bow Bells in East London not North London or indeed South London so scuttle but into yr bin an check things b4 making such rash statements!!

  • COYG

    Pretty sad you feel this way, ‘hate’ is a small word with a huge meaning.
    It’s not healthy to feel hate over a game. Chill out.

  • London Stinks Of Rats Piss

    Those Scousers again…

  • yourjustamummiesboy

    Are you one of those famous Arsenal fans who dress up as seats, to cheer on (or boo, which frequently happens)??? I would guess that you don’t even know the basics, regarding Arsenal and it’s history and surroundings. You are just a typical, mouthy, sad existent, South London club following, tosser.

  • Poetry in Motion

    5-1. I imagine it’s so hard for you never watching arsenal lift a champions league trophy. We got 5 of those :)

    • REDgoon

      And Real Madrid have 10. What’s your point? 5-1 and you won nothing, yet we beat you twice. 2-0 in the league and 2-1 on the way to lifting a record 11th FA cup. But you get the 5-1 trophy though. We got the 6-3 trophy when we thrashed you at Anfield a few years ago too.

      • Lucas James

        The point is – Arsenal are the worst team to ever play in Europe’s elite competition and are most definitely not Real Madrid or even Nottingham Forest. After winning 5 European Cups, they gave us one to keep, permanently, btw. You must ask yourself why, after all the times you have _qualified_ you have not won the tournament. Even with Suarez you wouldn’t have won it, you just aren’t meant to win it, your club exists to whinge about others… plain and simple. Oh, and we beat you 5-1.

        • Gooner

          Wow, you sound upset m8….Cheers for the FA cup, we trampled you on the way to glory, enjoy your 5-1 victory while we parade a trophy, chin up dipper :)

  • Francis Booth

    This is a bit embarrassing to read as an Arsenal fan! I don’t like Liverpool much either, and a lot of the points you make are fair game. Kenny Dalglish (although I do think he was hung out to dry by the club) was frustratingly hostile about a tentative racism issue, and Brendan Rodgers’ comments on Alexis Sanchez’s move being “solely down to geography” pissed me off a bit.

    But fucking hell, are we really going to beat them down with Heysel? What an appalling show of tribalism. The writer of this has clearly not looked into the disaster, instead opting to go with the most simplistic version of what happened. Clashes occured. Juventus supporters died. English clubs were banned. Thanks Liverpool. It’s an incredibly harmful way to look at things. What you’ve failed to mention is that English clubs were only suspended at the request of the then-Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, who was keen to clamp down on “fan hooliganism”, a problem with occurred throughout the 1970s and 1980s. English clubs being recognised for their hooliganism allowed for Thatcher to take drastic measures on supporters in the Football League. Fences were retained, police forces were given leeway, and the importance of safe stadia was negated somewhat by the emphasis on quelling problems between ‘firms’. A lot of these decisions made by Thatcher have since been brought to task in the investigation of the Hillsborough disaster, namely with the safety certificate for the stadia, the relationship between Thatcher and the South Yorkshire Police, and the fencing.

    You’re also discounting the fact that the 1985 European Cup final as an event was organised terribly, in a stadium which simply wasn’t prepared (both in terms of capacity and structure) to host a major sports event. The problems which occurred at Heysel were inevitable – supporters clashed (particularly Italian clubs). To say that a wall collapsing was the fault of Liverpool supporters is disgraceful anyway, but to use it as a reason to dislike the club is, as I’ve said, embarrassing. I’d go as far as saying that seeing Heysel in this way is akin to how much of the country saw the Hillsborough disaster prior to 2012 – the people are at fault, and the authority can simply not be brought to task.

    Get a grip. We had an amazing season last year, and are now progressing to a new and exciting stage. Stop talking about other clubs and what they have and have not done.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      The other point is that surely as an Arsenal fan the author would have known what a dump Heysel was. Didn’t you play Valencia there a few years before…..?

  • MindwhenSuarezwantedtoleave?

    Couldn’t agree with this more. Frustrating to see how much coverage & affection they receive in the media but much worse than that is their backing of Suarez & their two favourite thugs, Gerrard & Carragher.

    • youdipshitwoolwichfan

      Carragher=thug?????? how????

      • MwSwtl

        Admitted in his autobiography that he was going to have Lucas Neill beaten up.

        • Yadderbullshit

          But he didn’t follow it through, did he? If Neill had been done, I’m quite sure we would have heard about it. So have you ever moaned or ever said something along the lines of, “I’ll kill” or “I’m going to punch/kick the shit out of”??? Have you honestly never been aggressive verbally or physically, ever in your life????

    • Lucas James

      Why don’t Arsenal get the coverage they deserve… It’s because they’re plain boring and have the drabbest fans on earth.

  • Alexis Sanchez

    Arsene > Bwenda
    London > Loserpoop
    The end.

    • Poetry in Motion

      5 times.

      • Alexis Sanchez

        Never won the PL…oh dear :(

        • Ed

          Never won ECL

    • Lucas James

      Liverpool have won more European Cups than all London clubs combined. You should be thanking god for our very existence!

  • Gedda the Hutt

    This is everything that is wrong with football, listening to bitter fans moan how much they hate a club for having some success. I can easily admit (being a Liverpool fan) that Manchester United have been the best team over the past 20 years. I don’t need to be bitter about it all, I just get on with it because I love the game. I certainly don’t need to bang on about how much I “hate” them, their fans, stadium and city. What’s the point!?! It’s a game!!!
    This article is one of the biggest piles of tripe I’ve read since the last one dissing Liverpool. I think you need to get over yourself and move on. Just like Liverpool, you’re not the club you once were. Now Liverpool are a team on the up and they have a great manager. Yes he might not of won anything yet, but only time will tell. Arsenal on the other hand, your season (as far as the league goes) was over by February. That thrashing at anfield showed all that your team really wasn’t the front runners you thought they were. Yes, you won the FA cup… Just about. But you made hard work of it. Will that be your chant next year?

    “We won against Hull,
    we won against Hull,
    we did it, just about, in extra time, we won against Hull”.

    Maybe you can have a second verse about Wigan.
    The thing is, you gooners are bitter always moaning about other teams, instead of taking a look at yourselves. Moaning about Suarez one minute and then making a laughable bid for him the next. Moaning at Liverpool for forcing him to stay, even calling it illegal. Of course it’s illegal to make him see out his contract; ) This is just typical of the hypocrisy of your fans, the same fans that wanted AW out last season after that loss to Villa on the first day of the season. Class!
    Like this article, you have no class.

    • Gooner

      He he he, we knocked you tramps out along the way tho didn’t we?
      Arsenal Football club, FA Cup Winners 2014

      • Gedda the Hutt

        5-1. Now go and make an alternative BT sport advert.

        • Gooner

          Aww, the dippers upset now, cheer up m8..what did you win last season? 😉
          Lambert for Saurez…HOHOHO, you’ll finish 7th at best wee man.


          • Gedda the Hutt

            We’ll all have a laugh when you finish 5th behind united next season.
            BTW It’s YNWFA, you should know, you’ve had 9 years of it.

          • Gooner

            …you (conveniently) forgot to mention….While building a state of the art football stadium in the heart of London, our great capital city, whilst being seriously skint making repayments?…Now, how come you havn’t finished 4th place of above in all that time, mmmmmm?, i cant see a spanking new stadium in that shithole you call home? Why is that Mr Angry, mmmmmmm? LOL


          • Gooner

            The silence is deafening, the angry dippers just head butted his (stolen) laptop screen, cat got your tongue m8? :)

          • Gedda the Hutt

            Not at all, I just don’t need to reply to the shite you’re on about. Go and troll someone else.

          • hantsgooner

            Sorry to butt in but surely as this is an ARSENAL blog yr the one trolling

          • Gooner

            No need for appologies m8, this dippers up on his toes anyway (i think he’s gone to score some smack), he’s begging me to leave him alone, i’m such a bully :)

          • Lucas James

            Most Arsenal articles come up on LFC newsfeeds because you harp on about us more than yourselves. I genuinely feel sorry for you.

          • AndWithSuchSimplicity

            I think you’ll find that it came up on a LFC Newsfeed because the word L-I-V-E-R-P-O-O-L was a major part of the title.

          • AndWithSuchSimplicity

            Oh well. It was “8th at best” last season, so at least you recognise we are improving…

        • zico59

          2-0, 2-1, FA Cup now fuck off on your own site you fucking mongers. Go to where ever it is you cabbages congregate……we are GOONERS, and GOONERS RULE.

  • http://www.theinternet.com Football Insider

    The Bin-dippers are going to be frothing at the mouth/keyboard when they see this. Well those of them that can read, should be at least a dozen or so of them.

    Joking aside, I think the whole article makes you sound bitter. The whole trophy argument is so dumb, Arsenal have not won the league in over ten years, and it’s been longer for Liverpool, but I’d rather see them win it than Chelsea/City/Utd. At least we don’t have to watch one of our former players lift a trophy if Liverpool win anything (I’d be happy enough if Kolo won anything, before any pedants bring it up). I almost hope van Gaal is a success at Man Utd so we can all go back to focusing our hatred on the usual target 😉

  • Stevey G the coward

    I wanted to move to Chelsea, but shit myself when i got threatened by the local villains, i’m such a coward, but i am a Liverpool LEGEND..LMFAO!!!

  • Stevey G the coward

    “We must not let it slip”…..try saying that on your arse like me :)

  • xyz

    of course you hate liverpool football club!!! In the last 10 years they have won the champions league, Fa cup, league cup, and were EPL runners up twice. And this is when they were in decline!!!!

  • Those murdering scousers

    Its never our fault..

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Check out the photo i tried to paste above. There is an Arsenal fan (or at least a bloke wearing an Arsenal top) at Heysel.
      Now, why would that be?????

  • goonies

    Hahahahaha all I see is weh weh weh from you arsenal supporters:D Your team is shite! Just go ask fabregas, Van persie, Sagna, Nasri, Song, Adebayor.. damn I will be here all night at this rate. They saw that your team is going nowhere.. why cant you???

    • John

      This, exactly this, proves the writer of this article’s case. I never minded Liverpool fans that much but the last year has taught me what total pathetic knobends a lot of them of them are. Urghh.

  • JamesOfSouthWales

    Look this is an opinion, we all have a team we love to hate for me apart from the obvious it’s Stoke and Chelsea.

    I love to see a good argument, the fact is that for a club of the apparent size of Liverpool, not having won a single league title for 25 seasons awful. Even when they had played 20 less games than their rivals they still couldn’t win especially when the biter was in his pomp.

    That 5-1, we had nine first team players missing 2 only just back from injury and Giroud was up shagging a fit bird all night. We beat you twice when you had played less games and a full team to call on in both matches if you came to us with 2 players missing you would get stuffed.

    And don’t say we won the FA cup only because we played hull, we beat Spurs, Liverpool and Everton on the way to that final when Liverpool played teams from the lower divisions before us and you still got knocked out. Then that League Cup you won against Cardiff City on penalties that Steven Gerrards family was kind enough to miss the deciding penalty.

    So don’t get too high and mighty the fact is Liverpool had not finished above arsenal for 5 seasons till last year and that was only cause you played 39 games last season compared to our 60+

  • superreds100

    I just love that that BT advert. Have you started off another petition yet you sad little bunch of no marks.

  • Paul

    I have never really understood how people could hate a certain team. If seems rather childish and pathetic to me to hate an entire team and their fans just because you don’t like certain players/managers or a minority of fans of that team. For me this is a major problem with football; people, many of whom I imagine are decent, objective individuals, turning into petulant, childish idiots when it comes to football. This seems to have got worse in the internet age. The internet seems to attract the worst type of people and bring out the worst traits in otherwise good people. It is almost impossible these days to have a decent, objective debate between rival teams fans on the internet. Most people’s comments essentially come down to them saying, “My teams better than your team”.

    • Arsenal4eva

      You’re right. This hatred, to a certain extend is childish. I think last season a lot of Arsenal fans (including myself) started hating Liverpool. Like you said, this really boils down to 1 or 2 reasons. The biased English media, clearly favors Liverpool over Arsenal. This hasn’t gone down well with Arsenal fans. The other reason I can think of is Gerrard’s comments at the beginning of the season concerning Suarez and about how it would be a backward step for him to join Arsenal (I personally felt he was speaking out of his a@@ there, although to certain extend it was understandable) There’s absolutely no problem with Liverpool fans per se, just the usual banter. I, as an Arsenal fan disliked Liverpool last season specifically because of those reasons I mentioned above.. I and most Arsenal fans have absolutely no issues with the Liverpool fans or the club.

  • HowUtterlyPathetic

    What I don’t understand is even normal Arsenal fans seem to be hating on normal Liverpool fans these days. Both clubs have A LOT of knobhead fans, just look at the comments below. People with thier names like “Gerrard the Coward” and “Murdering Scousers” I mean, could you really care that much?
    I will use an example, I enjoy our rival with Chelsea, I don’t hate any of thier fans unless I can personally see them doing something bad or horrible. And when Terry was a penalty kick away from winning the CL, I laughed. But I didn’t go on for months about “Terry the Coward” “Bottler Terry” I wasn’t bothered. I have a life to be getting on with, by the next day I was not bothered Terry slipped.
    And on the subject of “Murdering Scousers” I mean, what are you trying to prove? Some disgusting Liverpool supporters gruesomely killed 39 fans. You use it as a stick to beat Liverpool fans, why? I am a Liverpool fan, I wasn’t even born when the deaths happened! Yet I have fans from other teams saying “Oh yeah, murdering scum” and “It’s never your fault”. Well obviously it wasn’t my fault, I wasn’t born. Why would it be my fault? Why would it be anyone’s fault except the people thier on that day that committed the murders, idiots.
    It’s like saying they were all Liverpool fans so it’s every Liverpool fan ever’s fault! It was also English people, shouldn’t all English people be held accountable then? When the ban came out why did Arsenal fans moan? Wasn’t it their fault because they were English? No, obviously not it had nothing to do with them just as it had nothing to do with ALL Liverpool fans except the 20-30 people who crushed the poor Juventus fans.
    At the end of the day, football attracts lots and lots of idiotic, uneducated people. And at the end of the day a lot of them knobheads will have to show how “tough” and “loyal” they are by fighting with rival fans. Pathetic. I know and love a lot of Liverpool fans, I know and love a lot of Arsenal, Everton, Chelsea, United fans. I also hate a lot of Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton…etc fans. But because I’m not as narrow-minded as the idiot that wrote this piece I do not hate an entire club solely based on a few things here and there.

    • AndWithSuchSimplicity

      Check out this picture (if it works). There’s clearly an Arsenal fan at the bottom right hand corner, so the author can start hating himself too.

  • Big Lebowski

    I might be a Gooner but this post being continually being uploaded is really pissing me off

  • Karmacoma

    There’s a lot going on in the world, no? Football is a distraction, entertainment or it’s supposed to be. Once those players cross the white line there’s nothing any supporter can do to influence the result. You really think that these elite players could give a shit about any abuse they get? You think they really love the club, the badge, the local area? So how many Arsenal players live in the borough of Islington? They’re professionals. As a professional they go where they get the best opportunities and the most money. They are head hunted just as they would be in any other business sector. So just because they play for your club all their sins are forgiven? I dare say that everybody has their dirty little secrets. It’s just that Suarez bared his out in the full view of the cameras. No pun intended.

    When an Arsenal player dives, feigns injury rolling around on the floor for what seems an eternity when they haven’t even been touched it’s just plain embarrassing. It’s even more embarrassing because they play for the team I support. A team that I’ve supported since I was a wee twelve year old. As a sports obsessed Asian looking British born kid I never went to football. The world was already too scary for me If you catch my drift, but I still loved football. There’s a place for passion and pride but it has to be put into perspective.

    Perspective. When Hamas fire a rocket into Israel the only people responsible for that attack are those that carried out that act. You are not guilty just because you happen to live in the same post code as those people. So in that vain to continually beat Liverpool supporters over the head because of some tragic event from nineteen eighty-five just shows how ignorant and repressed some people have become. I say repressed because a lot of what has been written sounds like the ramblings overheard in a pub by tanked up individuals at chucking out time on a Saturday night. The internet allows people the freedom to say absolutely anything without any ramification or consequence. It allows people to give their opinion and mask it as fact. However in all of this the real shame is that people waste the opportunity to talk about facts, life, real struggle and use it to whinge, bitch and moan about…well, nothing. Nothing because Liverpool itself is not a conscious entity, nor the Club. It’s like me having a real problem with the dustbin outside my house.

    Concentrate on your own club. Respect other people’s. Remember that they are businesses plain and simple. They are there to entertain. If you feel suicidal after losing a game, don’t watch. If you have to get your kicks being revolting to other sentient beings get therapy. Try to work out why you feel the need to act out like a spoilt child. Then and only then will we get somewhere.

  • Rod

    What a lot of ‘comments!

    I will add just a short observation of my own, if I may, as a supporter of
    Arsenal for over 60 years or so.

    Probably the most striking quality at the heart of the football
    club throughout its great history is that ‘top flight football’, although a
    commercial enterprise, is first and foremost a sport, and should be conducted
    as far as possible in the very highest spirit of the word. In my opinion
    Arsenal have in the past and it remains clearly evident in the present set up
    that those values are still held in high esteem.

    A definition of sporting:

    Fair and generous in one’s behaviour or treatment of others, especially in a contest.

    This is a challenging sentiment for any individual or group but one worth striving
    to achieve and maintain irrespective of the questionable standards adopted by

    I am proud to say that Arsenal, even in these days of clubs cynically flying in
    the face of and attempting to find cunning ways to circumvent the ‘Financial Fair
    Play’ rules, are still carrying the football ‘sporting torch’ both on and off the pitch.

    As supporters we are an integral part of the spirit of the club and despite some
    very disappointing attitudes expressed among the comments on these pages my
    feeling is that a true sporting heart beats in the vast majority of the Arsenal
    fans. That’s what makes you special and long may it continue….

  • Gabriel

    this is sh’t

  • Gabriel

    5-1 remember that?

  • Geoff H

    What a sad and bitter person you seem. I have seen the worse (to watch) of “boring boring Arsenal” awful to watch – and the likes of Bergcamp, an Arsenal side so confident and able to knock the ball about so skilfully…. great to watch. Liverpool have been a great club… in THE Championship (not the modern 2nd division) but, more so, the domination in Europe (4 European Cups in 7 years)…. something we used to admire in football. Sadly, this is something from the past. Meow adapts, as your article shows, their is more haters – and jealousy – n the English (probably worldwide, too) game. Football – and Society – has lost a great deal.

    Geoff H.

  • Geoff H

    Sorry for my spelling mistakes – I had expected a “Preview” before the Post went live but, hey-ho!!

    The main sentence, written wrongly, should have read “Sadly, as your article shows, there is now more hatred – and jealousy – in the English (and probably worldwide) game”.