Started in 2008 [as LadyArse] Daily Cannon is now a collection of writers which long-ago outgrew the site name. It is run by Lee Hurley [contact here].

The Daily Cannon Network expands the site even further to incorporate some of the best Arsenal bloggers and designers around today bringing you wallpapers and, of course, blog posts about the Gunners.

About the writers:

Lee Hurley has been a writer for over 16 years and established LadyArse.com in 2008. Based in Belfast, Lee travels to London as often as possible to watch Arsenal. He has been an Arsenal supporter since 1987 and writes occasionally for the Mirror, Metro and Gooner Fanzine amongst others.

Stephen Bradley is a Gooner and below-average blogger [his words] who writes what he thinks, but sometimes doesn’t think as he writes. Very occasionally makes a sensible point though, so watch out for that. Can be found on Twitter rambling away under the username @bradley08.

Paul Williams is a 35 year old whose pursuit of the dream led him to… Bromley in 2008. Paul has been writing about Arsenal since 2004, and for LadyArse /Daily Cannon since 2011. He hopes, one day, to write a book- most likely about Arsenal.

Anita Roza designs the exclusive wallpapers.

Submissions invited and people seeking to write for the site regularly should also get in touch.