Monopoly has been a loved pastime activity ever since it was introduced in the 1930s. Big Time Gaming’s efforts have brought this time-honored game into the modern era, as our analysis of the Monopoly Megaways slot machine will demonstrate later on in this article.

In the past, there have been other slot games with a Monopoly theme, and we have no doubt that there will be more of these games in the future. Big Time Gaming’s interpretation of the Megaways framework, on the other hand, brings a fresh turn to the overall gameplay of the game. Because any one of the game’s 6 reels can have a varied number of symbols, the overall number of winning combinations that are available also has the potential to change. When there are more ways to win, it is simpler to construct winning combinations; when there are as many as 117,649 different ways to win, it is virtually guaranteed that you will win many prizes on a single spin of the reels.

The Monopoly Megaways slot machine is such a pleasurable version of the popular board game Monopoly that you may have enjoyed playing when you were younger. This is accomplished through the inclusion of free games, multipliers, and a special feature known as Reel Adventure. Are you beginning to get excited? Keep reading if you want to know about all of the wonderful benefits that playing this slot machine may be able to give you.

It is Now Time to GO

Lots of aspects that have contributed to the success of the board game Monopoly throughout the years have been incorporated into the Monopoly Megaways slot machine. The battleship, dog, hat, and vehicle tokens, in addition to the Art Deco-style buildings that are located behind the slot machine’s reels, will be easily recognizable by players. As they turn, Mr. Monopoly is transformed into an animated character and begins to move about the board game that is located beneath them.

Do not be alarmed if the reels seem to have an excessive number of symbols on them in the beginning; this merely indicates that there are more opportunities for you to win. When you look up, you’ll see 4 different properties, as well as the logos of the numerous utility companies. This is located directly above the brightly coloured icons. In the next part of our look at the Monopoly Megaways slot machine, we’ll devote some space to discussing these aspects in greater depth.

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Visit the Banker

When someone spends a significant amount of money, they are said to be “playing with Monopoly Money.” On the other hand, you are able to play the Monopoly Megaways slot machine for free on this page, and the minimum amount of real money you may risk per spin is 0.10. The long-term average payout % of 96.36 percent and the maximum bet that may be placed of 120.00 are both considered to be very generous. Because this is a game with a high degree of volatility, you need to be prepared for long stretches in which you do not have any spins where you win.

Megaways and How it Works

When employing the Megaways strategy, any of the 6 reels may contain anywhere from 2 to 7 symbols at any given time. If 3 or more matching symbols land on consecutive reels from left to right, beginning with the 1st reel, you now have at least 64 opportunities to make victorious combinations. You have an astonishing 117,649 different opportunities to win, thanks to the fact that each reel has seven different symbols. As a direct consequence of this, the probability of the slot machine’s initial 3 reels displaying the same sort of symbol is significantly increased.

The procedure that Big Time Gaming refers to as a “Reaction” will cause any victorious combination of symbols to disappear after it has been activated. Our Monopoly Megaways critics have called to this element as Tumbling Reels or Cascading Symbols, but regardless of what you choose to call it, it is an excellent component. New symbols will fall into the places that are currently vacant, which may result in the formation of more victorious combos.

Symbols That Make You Win

In addition to the Monopoly tokens, there will also be symbols of playing cards that are colourful and eye-catching. The reward for card symbols is relatively modest. For example, if the number nine symbol shows on all 6 reels at the same time, it will only be worth 0.4 times your entire bet.

The hat is the most valuable token, and based on how many reels it hits, you could win anywhere from 2 to 50 times your initial bet if it appears on the reels. The letter “M” adorned with jewels serves as the “wild” symbol, which enables it to take the place of any other symbol. When it lands right across the reels of the Monopoly Megaways slot machine, it not only awards a jackpot worth 50 times the wager, but it also awards an additional prize.

Follow the Money

After each spin the is won, Mr. Monopoly will move one space to the left along the board that is located beneath the reels. You will become the owner of utilities and train stations anytime he ends on one of those sites, and you will also receive dwellings whenever he ends on a property. This will occur whenever he ends on a property. These little panels of symbols complete the smaller panels of symbols that were discussed earlier in our assessment of the Monopoly Megaways Slot.

As soon as Mr. Monopoly hits the GO portion, the subsequent spin will feature the maximum amount of Megaways, which is 117,649 different ways to have success. This will take place each time he does the action. The location of Chance and the position of Community Chest are both considered to be 2 of the more beneficial spots on the board. A site may have up to 4 more houses added to it if it has a Community Chest slot.

If you roll the dice and its up to chance, one of these 3 outcomes will take place. You will be presented with 3 options: either you will be allowed to spin the maximum number of Megaways, you will be moved to a random property that has up to 4 extra residences, or you will be rewarded eight free spins. If you get a 5th house on any of the game’s locations, the free games round of the Monopoly Megaways slot machine will begin.

If you happen to have train stations or if there are more than 5 homes in a single place, you are awarded an additional spin. During the time that you are awarded free spins, the win multiplier will increase by an amount that is not limited. The usual multiplier begins at 1x and grows by 1 for each utility that is earned from playing the base games. The multiplier may be found in the table below.

The number of times that a multiplier can increase throughout the course of a round is not subject to any kind of cap whatsoever. The fact that players’ chances of success increase proportionally with the number of properties they own, and that this trend continues throughout the game, is one of the factors that contributes to the game’s already high level of excitement, according to reviewers of the Monopoly Megaways slot machine. This is one of the factors that contributes to the game’s already high level of excitement.

During the time that you are allowed to play the free games, you will be granted an additional spin whenever you land on a train station that you own or on a Chance section. As soon as the free games are over, you will no longer have authority over the train stations, utilities, or any properties that you have visited during the course of the game.

Because the paytable for the Monopoly Megaways slot machine is such a complicated component, it is strongly suggested that players review it before beginning play. If you look at the other slot machines designed by Big Time Gaming below, you will note that they provide a diverse selection of games, the most of which make use of the well-known Megaways system that the firm is known for developing.

The Board Game

The very popular collection of slot machines that are based on the classic game Monopoly has just been expanded to include the Monopoly Megaways slot machine. Monopoly video slot machine that was built by IGT is still popular among players. However, the Super Monopoly slot machine that was produced by WMS is simply one of countless enhancements that are worth trying.

Another successful offering from Big Time Gaming

If you enjoy playing the game version of Monopoly or any of the other slots in the range, then the Monopoly Megaways online slot will be perfect for you. It could be the most thrilling of the group, but you should be mindful of its high volatility if you do not have a huge bankroll to play with because it might change its odds quickly.