It was 90 minutes which was to define our season instead, what we got was a microcosm of the entire season, flying start, unforgiveable complacency, terrible defending, flashes of brilliance, RvP pulling us up by the bootstraps, and naivety of the highest order.  The first 45 minutes was among the worst I’ve seen this season, and, let’s be honest, we’ve seen some rubbish performances this year.  Norwich gave us a lesson and we ran around not only as if we’d never met each other but like we’d only just been introduced to a football for the first time.

It was a great start, we couldn’t have asked for any better as Yossi curled one in from the corner of the box. Yes! The team wanted it, they really did, all the pre-match nerves had been nothing, all the wondering if we could get a favour from Villa and City in their matches against Sp*rs and Newcastle had been a waste of time, we had it in our own hands and we knew what to do.

And then we didn’t.

It took them ten minutes to equalise, a ten minute period in which we just fell apart.  The defending was shambolic, exceeded in its ridiculousness only by the goalkeeping which allowed Hoolahan’s tame effort, and it was tame, to slip through his grasp. 1-1 and their tails were up.  15 minutes later it was 2-1 to Norwich. We watched as Yossi kicked out and was lucky not to have been sent off, Ramsey had his worst game yet, and for a player who seems to be having nothing but bad games lately that’s quite the feat, we lost Sagna to a broken leg and the referee declined to give them penalties. They missed chances to increase their lead and we were, without doubt, extremely fortunate to only be one goal down by half time.

Perhaps we had a chance after all.

The second half started marginally better, we pressed, we seemed to be able to keep the ball, and of course, Robin would step up to not only pull us level but get us in to the lead.  It was euphoric, we had done it, we’d come from behind despite being battered and completely off our game and managed to get a lead. Then we switched off and five minutes after we’d grabbed the lead for the second time we allowed them through to equalise with a shot, Szczesny seemed to misjudge his angles and Morrison scored.  I could cry about the most blatant penalty never given for the foul on van Persie, or the handball which should have also resulted in a penalty, but given they perhaps should have had two themselves and we were lucky to end  up with 11 men on the pitch at the final whistle, I’m not going to.  We had the chances to win this, we failed to take them.

And it will cost us, make no mistake about that.

Having endured one of our worst starts to a season ever we got ourselves clear in third.  Complacency in games we should have won left us nervous, but still in charge of our own destiny.  Not anymore. Even if we’d managed to grab the three points there would have been much complaining post match about the state of our performance in the first half and rightly so. I’ve taken a lot of abuse on here for always trying to find a positive, but for that performance and result yesterday there isn’t one.  We can now finish anywhere between third and sixth and we only have one game left while others around us have two.

It’s a shambles.

According to @Orbinho we have been behind in 19 league games this season. 19. That is 50% if we manage to not go behind away at West Brom and to be honest I’m not to fucking hopeful. Arsenal have been trailing at some point in 19 games this season – more than Villa (18), Liverpool (17), Sunderland (18) & Swansea (17).  That’s not a pattern, that’s a bloody epidemic.

He also highlighted: Arsenal Errors have led to 13 goals 13 and 5 own goals, a total of 18 conceded due to our own “mistakes”,  six more than the next worst Premier League team’s tally.

With Newcastle hosting City later today we perhaps have a glimmer of light of grabbing fourth place, with the Euro’s and the Olympics and players needing to be signed and re-signed the thoughts of playing a Champions League Qualifier is horrendous, that being in the qualifier not only relies on Newcastle dropping points, us beating West Brom, but on Bayern Munich as well is sickening.

Grant Holt, a player who seemed to be one that many people were championing for a place on the England squad for the Euro’s, spent most of the match flinging himself to the ground as soon as he felt a defender’s breath on his neck and then, last night on Twitter, slammed an Arsenal fan for supporting the club because he lived in Scotland.  Classy guy.

I am not a happy Gooner this morning.  The team let us all down yesterday, something they’ve done quite often in recent seasons, but this felt different.  We thought we had *maybe* learned some lessons, that we could *maybe* know the importance of these final two games and put in the effort, not for half of a half but for the full 180 minutes.  Not so and now we have to wait and see what happens with other teams.

Finishing below Sp*rs for the first time in Arsene Wenger’s reign is the least of our problems this morning.


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  • Simbo59

    Could not agree more with everything you have said. But for RVP this is not a team who have desire or belief to be winners.

    Time for change.

  • Me

    The problem has always been Wenger – he cannot motivate and his tactics are so predictably lame. I would like to see him go and as for the signing of Podolski as a “statement of intent” fuck it – just another donkey to go with Bendtner, Park, Chamakh and the rest of his “squad”

  • Maddolove


    Cry me a river; I cry
    a river over you.

    Throughout the 2011/12 season I have spent £3,623
    on Arsenal football club home games, not including merchandise.  At yesterday’s final game of the season
    I hired a box with 3 friends to watch in style.  My friends travelled
    oceans and seas (Chile and Margarita Island (Near Venezuela) to join me as we
    are avid supporters of the Arsenal.

    What a disappointment all round.

    FACT:  The team I
    watched yesterday are not Title Contenders nor are they Champions League
    entrantees.  Once Yossi scored they all
    went into relax mode, and  some  players thought  “ we will win by just being there”, and GUESS
    WHAT we bloody did not win.

    The Arsenal have lost
    games to Swansea, QPR, Fulham (Ok I will give them that one) Sunderland and
    Wigan and we drew with Bolton and gave Blackburn (a crap team ) 3 points.  It
    saddens me to say this BUT having watched every home game this season we
    are not worthy of CL status.

    Without Robin (who really played excellently in the second
    half) but looks so tired, and Kosser (my personal Player of the Year, we would
    be at the lower tier of the EPL.

    My final opinion on Arsene Wenger using the season as a

    Once the players cross that white line, it’s down to them.  They have proven this season that when they up
    their game they can beat anyone.  It’s
    the players who cannot see the finish line not Arsene ability to motivate.  I think it’s time to be ruthless, it’s culling
    time. The Arsenal needs an effective second team B.

    Let’s hope Aston Villa turns up but I can’t see it happening,
    I expect Spurs to batter them.

    We mock others only for them in TIME to mock us.

    Channel 5 for us.

    Note: At yesterday’s players parade Pat
    Rice was hobbling behind everyone, Bless him, he does look his age. Thanks

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  • Daljit1956

    wenger is to blame for the bad form when some player are not playing well they should be not picked but he carried on picking them even when ramsey who not played well last 10 games he still picked him even when got booked and refree gave him last warning he still was on the pitch for 10 more mintues which game was wenger watching the away team was playing 4.4.2 but he played 4.5.1 he has done very good for us but he has been making mistakes for last 6 seasons  he has no idea what tactics means please go now we are in top four because other teams are rubbish we are nearly 20 points behind the top 2 please mr wenger go now its time                                                                                   ps I was hardcore wenger fan but he makes tooooooooo many mistakes please go nowwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Ultimate_uk_babe

    Well said! There’s a lot of unhappy gooners this morning, I’m one of them. Let’s hope the club takes some action, instead of trying to squeeze more money out of the fans and not re-investing on players!

  • Bob A

    After yesterdays fiasco in defending I trust we will buy an enforcer to cover for the centre backs going walkies and the midfield not traking back.
    PS If Arsenal came under the same rules as shops  you would be taking your ticket back and demanding a refund under the trades description act

  • amy thompson
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