Are you a Zombie? Not a real dead person, but someone who needs coffee to function in the morning?

So take note. Your morning coffee may be causing unexpected bodily reactions! That morning cup of joe may not be as rejuvenating as you think! Before you wake up and start that pot, consider whether it will kickstart your day or your health!

Your morning routine has seven flaws.

1. Gallbladder Contraction

If you frequently get gallstones, you should avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Your gallbladder may contract, meaning it will shrink in size and stop working properly.

You may experience nausea, vomiting, jaundice, and diarrhea. While it does not always have to be the cause for concern and can be a normal digestive process, it can be painful and inconvenient!

2. Anxiety

Which would you prefer – a tired morning or a crippling ball of anxiety? If you start your day with coffee, it may be true. Caffeine in coffee has been linked to anxiety in numerous studies.

Caffeine-induced anxiety disorder can cause panic attacks, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Caffeine withdrawal may be a good idea!

3. Focus

How engaged are you in your morning meeting? Do your hands tremble as you try to focus? Do you need another teaspoon of coffee to relax?

In reality, a morning coffee on an empty stomach reduces your concentration and work performance.

4. Raise Blood Pressure

Do you already have hypertension? So skip the morning coffee. Coffee can raise blood pressure in people who don’t normally drink it or have hypertension.

The changes can last for two or three hours, causing unnecessary discomfort! Instead, drink water.

5. Breast Fibrosis

While not directly related to coffee on an empty stomach, it is nonetheless vital. Caffeine consumption and fibrocystic breast disease have been linked in the National Cancer Institute Journal (FBD).

The risk of developing the condition increased 1.5-fold if you consumed 31-250mg of caffeine daily, and 2.3-fold if you consumed 500mg.

6. Symptoms of Menopause

Even if you don’t drink coffee on an empty stomach, it may not help relieve menopause symptoms. It can even make them worse!

Caffeine increases vasomotor symptom annoyance in postmenopausal women, including night sweats, hot flashes, flushes, and vulvovaginal atrophy. Start your day with a glass of orange juice!

7. Lowered Cortisol

To help you wake up in the morning, your body releases the hormone cortisol. Then you use coffee to wake up!

Research shows that long-term coffee consumption reduces cortisol levels rather than increases them. Caffeine can cause fatigue, so drink it in moderation.

8. Skin Effects

Want flawless skin forever? So skip the coffee and get to work. While the evidence is still limited, coffee appears to reduce collagen synthesis.

This occurs in human skin fibroblast culture. The first study of its kind shows it may inhibit collagen biosynthesis, which affects skin elasticity. Moreover, the dose matters a lot. The impact increases with caffeine intake.

9. Maternal Risk

Recent research suggests that drinking coffee before becoming pregnant may increase your risk of miscarriage. Pregnancy and caffeine are not compatible.

While the risk exists at any time of day, the most popular time to drink coffee is in the morning. Caffeine should be avoided before trying for a baby.


For many people, losing a morning cup of coffee is like losing a limb! Many Americans can’t start the day without their ground gold, bringing in $12 billion annually.

But what if you knew that cup of coffee, and possibly more, was actually harming your body? The science is clear. Even menopausal symptoms are affected by a morning coffee. Fill your coffee mug with water and start your day healthier.