Many suffer from hair loss and thin hair, and some resort to expensive medical treatments. But many common foods are good for hair. Check out these food remedies for thicker hair!


Eggs are one of the best foods for thick hair. They contain hair-friendly nutrients like zinc and selenium, as well as protein and biotin, which help hair grow. See how to use an egg treatment.

Treatment with egg

1 or 2 eggs beaten
Use an egg to moisturize your scalp.
Apply the eggs for 30 minutes.
Wash your hair with mild shampoo and warm water.

See the egg with oil and water treatment for more treatment ideas

Treatment with egg, oil, and water:
1 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp water
Apply to scalp and dry hair.
15 minutes of rest
Rinse with mild shampoo


Olive oil is high in omega-3 fatty acids and can soften and thicken hair as well as relieve dry scalp. It can be used on the scalp or mixed with honey. Check the olive oil treatment course.
Olive oil recipe:
To body heat the olive oil
Massage hot oil into hair and scalp.
Wait 30–45 minutes.
Mild shampoo rinses out the olive oil

A shower cap wrapped in olive oil overnight is another option. It depends on how long you leave it on.


Vitamin C, pectin, and acid in oranges promote hair growth. The first two improve hair luster while the third breaks down product residue. Try an orange puree treatment; it’s healthy and fun.

Orange puree: puree fresh oranges
Massage orange puree into hair and scalp.
Wait 1 hour
Rinse with mild shampoo the orange puree
Optional light conditioner


Aloe vera is good for our skin and hair. You can use commercial aloe vera products to thicken your hair, or make your own.

Aloe vera gel:

Soak your hair in aloe vera
30 minutes of rest
Rinse aloe gel

If you use this treatment, do it once or twice a week. Aloe gel can be mixed with olive or coconut oil.


Avocado is high in vitamin E, C, and potassium. Avocado oil is commonly used to moisturize skin and hair.

Avo rub:

1 avocado, 1 tbsp olive
Apply to hair and scalp.
Wait 30 minutes.
Rinse with a mild shampoo the avocado mix.


Castor oil, like avocados, is high in vitamin E and fatty acids that are good for hair. A castor oil treatment requires no additional preparation.

Using castor oil:

Apply castor oil to your scalp and hair.
Wait 30 minutes.
Rinse with a mild shampoo.


A balanced diet is essential. Healthy fats and proteins are found in salmon and nuts. Take 3-4 servings per week to improve hair health.

There are many natural remedies for you and your hair, and they are not damaging at all. Most of the ingredients can be found in your home. There is no need to spend thousands of pounds on expensive products.