For the majority of women, a partner who is funny, loyal, and caring is what they are looking for. During a large questionnaire survey, in which 1,403 respondents took part, these three characteristics were identified as the most important by the majority of the women who took part.

All of the respondents were discovered in different singles groups on Facebook, so it is reasonable to assume that none of them has been in a long-term relationship, but has rather been as free as the bird in his or her relationships. Perhaps one or two of the respondents have had a relationship with their Dildo or Fleshlight in the past, and this has prompted them to share their experiences. We’ve heard that messing around with that kind of stuff can give you a slight advantage.

A Few Words About the Research

In the study, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire that contained a number of predefined characteristics that the researchers believed would be attractive in a potential partner. In the survey, participants were asked to circle all of the characteristics that they found most attractive in a potential partner. As a result, it was permitted to place more than one cross. Similar to this, it was possible to place across in an “other” box on the form. This has the potential to draw attention to aspects of the questionnaires that were not previously apparent.

The Ten Most Important Characteristics a Woman Should Have

As previously stated, a total of 1,403 respondents took part in the survey, with approximately 80 percent of those being female. If you gender the responses and look at which characteristics the women identified as the most attractive, you can come up with a top ten list that looks like this:

  • Sense of humour (89 percent )
  • Loyalty is important (80 percent )
  • Giving a helping hand (79 percent )
  • Consciousness of one’s actions (66 percent )
  • Kindness is a virtue (65 percent )
  • Values that are similar to mine (60 percent )
  • Intelligence is the gathering of information (55 percent )
  • Health and well-being (54 percent )
  • Beautiful set of eyes (52 percent )
  • Excellent etiquette (49 percent )

Every one of the characteristics listed above was followed by a percentage in parentheses, as you have probably noticed. This percentage indicates the proportion of female respondents who chose to check the appropriate box based on the given trait.

According to this site. Our “emotions” or “feelings” take over when a relationship alliance is challenged on these points, often with disastrous results. Toxic components in ourselves and share emotional support before miscommunications escalate into irreconcilable relationship turmoil. We culturally idolise “romance” and ultimately “love”. Men and women often subconsciously aspire to many expectations of their romantic relationships without actively letting their partners know or understand where, how, or why they are succeeding or failing.

The ideal partner is vulnerable, open, and undefended. As a result, they are approachable and open to feedback on any subject. Their candour allows them to express their feelings, thoughts, dreams, and desires.

10 Traits of a Great Partner According to

  • They have a deep emotional bond with you.
  • They show affection.
  • They like & support you.
  • They are dedicated.
  • They speak freely.
  • Your best friend.
  • They have incredible chemistry with you.
  • They pay you full attention.


Relationships foster personal growth. Love and trust are the best qualities in a partner. Love, forgiveness, communication skills, trust, commitment, and friendship are admirable qualities, not to mention sexual and emotional chemistry. The qualities of an ideal partner are not optional. Don’t worry if your partner doesn’t have all of the above qualities. Remember that just because your spouse doesn’t have all of the qualities of a good partner now doesn’t mean they won’t change over time.