Housing trends have always intrigued me, and I enjoy experimenting with and implementing new ideas. So I’ve addressed some of the 2022 housing trends that I think will stick around. The latest trends can be confusing. Too many housing trends at once can result in a cluttered and incoherent home.

That’s why I only chose five good housing trends for 2022.

Coloured frames and woodwork in 2022

Coloured frames and wood 2022, Some brave housing influencers painted door frames and woodwork in wild colours in 2021. This trend is here to stay and I am ready to seize it. Paint your doors, frames, or even a plain wooden table to give it a unique and stylish look. For a more dramatic look, use a beautiful burnt red or a deep blue colour that is both classic and daring.

I’m painting my own kitchen island. I covered it with wood panels and now wish to paint it a bright colour. I’m still undecided whether to paint it violet burgundy or dark grass green.

Silver and shiny metal details

Silvery housing trends 2022, The silver metals are back. We saw them a lot in the early 2000s. Often they were glossy, but not this time. You can use shiny silver vases or a small coffee table to implement this new trend. Follow the trend with picture frames or lampshades. I have chosen a few delectable items that fit this trend.

Silver round vase

Vases are the easiest way to implement this tasty housing trend 2022. Vases big and small. I fell in love with this beautiful vase on Ellos. This large vase can easily serve as a dining table centrepiece. But you can also put it on a dresser with a transparent glass vase. Assembled in this way, it will create a unique decoration for your home this year

Green and silver songbird

Even though this Kaj Bojesen songbird isn’t silver, it still fits perfectly into the latest housing trends 2022. This is due to the deep green paint on the wood and the silver details. On a table, it looks great with the silver vase above. It’s a playful way to use decor.

Beautiful silver coffee table

This is my favourite part of the post. I adore this coffee table by Patitl, which is part of a larger collection. The table is made of silver plates or mirrors that reflect light and colours. They are a great way to incorporate more silver into the home while also adding a graphic and dynamic element that I believe will emerge in the coming years. The coffee table comes in a variety of colours and sizes, allowing for endless combinations.

High steel candlestick

The smallest details can make a big difference. That’s why I’m showing you this lovely candlestick. It fits several of our 2022 housing trends. This candlestick looks great on a wooden table or a chest of drawers with other materials like glass.
Use it with bright lights for a more vibrant decor. Or a simple white candle. Using it with my royal Copenhagen frame and blue light would make a festive yet classic table setting.

Candlesticks in silver

So do these lovely silver candlesticks. They are always relevant because you can use them as you wish.
Maybe it’s one of the best features of more traditional decor items. Georg Jensen is a prolific designer. Their clothes never go out of style and can always be tailored.

Floor lamp in silver with a round shade

It’s coming. The lovely large floor lamp with a glossy round shade. I adore it. It’s a classic design that still works in 2022. One of my favourite features of the design is the lamp’s versatility. It is also one of the more “safe” designs because it is timeless. So, I’d say this is the most certain white you’ll see in 2022.

 Glass interiors in 2022

Glass housing 2022 trends, Glass candlesticks, glass figures, glass lamps, and glass furniture are all part of the 2022 housing trends. Glass is probably the biggest Housing Trends 2022. I’m on that ferry. So many cool glasses have come out, and it’s up to us to use them creatively. This is one of the more open Housings Trends 2022, making it easy to customize.

Pink glass candlestick

Let’s start with a tiny glass object. This is because it is one of the simplest home decor ideas. Make a small decorative group out of different glass and ceramic candlesticks to give your home a new lease of life.

Vase in organic transparent glass

Vases may be the simplest way to dismiss this housing trend. Glass vases are lovely without flowers. Use a variety of sizes and colours of glass vases. A glass vase looks great with a metal or ceramic vase. It will look great together.

Sponge-like glass lamp

My favourite new home trend is using glass lamps. I chose this lovely mushroom lamp. It’s cute and funny at the same time. Down can be used in unexpected places like the bathroom or kitchen. If you’re reminded of your things, it’s the coolest thing. Colourful balloon pendant with a fun design

DIY ceramics home design 2022

The best part is looking for vintage pottery or using your kids’ finds. You can also take ceramics classes or learn porcelain painting, allowing you to express your creativity and create a unique and fun item for your home.

Banana candlesticks

The name of these candlesticks is Banana Romance. When placed next to each other, they appear to be dancing. I love how fun and personal they can be. The most important thing about this housing trend in 2022 is that they add creativity to your decor.

Off-white ceramic hole vase

This vase is adorable and simple in design, but it works in almost any home.

It can be styled with flowers that suit your personality and home, as well as with glass candlesticks and a small mixed silver vase, which together can form a framework for many of the housing trends discussed in this post.

Beautiful vase and jug

Here’s another item I adore. It’s unique and cool. It’s a fun decorative item that you can style with flowers or use in a way that reflects your personality.

It will look great in a colourful dresser or on a coffee table with a large bouquet of flowers. The vase can be used as a jug if desired.

Spotty yellow ceramic bowl

You can easily add colour and personality to your home by replacing the dining set. You don’t have to replace your entire frame, just the deep plates. This bowl can also be used for snacks or jewellery.

Large indoor trees – Housing trend 2022

Indoor trees 2022

Big trees are coming into the house next year. Whether tropical with flowers or green and fresh, we must embrace this trend. This is my favourite trend of the five for 2022. It is also a healthy housing trend for us and our environment. A home needs plants to create life and a good atmosphere, but they are also fun to decorate with because they are sculptural.

They can add drama but also calm.