Making a holiday packing list is a great idea. We often have too much or too little with us. This post contains my personal packing list for my five-day trip to Brazil. My holiday packing list includes all the essentials, but I also want to show you what to wear on vacation and what clothes to pack.

Holiday packing list

  • What do you think of my answers?
  • What to pack for vacation?
  • What should I bring on vacation?
  • What to wear on vacation?
  • How much clothing should I pack?
  • How much can you take on vacation?

Let’s begin…

Holiday package list – The essentials

Every list starts with the most vital items. Of course, we’re talking about cash, wallets, passports, and other necessities like medicine. But there are other very important things to take with you wherever you travel.

These items should be carried on.

  • Flight or hotel booking information, often on your smartphone.
  • Passport
  • Wallet and card
  • Yellow insurance
  • Exchanged in the correct currency
  • Blue health insurance in the EU (if you travel in the EU)
  • Insurance (Always check your insurance before you travel.) Vaccine-free (if required by the destination)
  • vs. (if required by the destination) The list of countries requiring a visa or entry permit is HERE.
  • Self-treatment
  • Probiotics
  • narcotics
  • Computer
  • Phone and computer charger

Electronics worldwide adapter

An adapter is essential when traveling outside the EU. Input sockets vary globally, and it is a shame if you cannot charge your computer or phone because the plug does not fit into the socket. This adapter is adjustable and can be used in all countries. It’s super smart and light. I own one of the best on the market. I couldn’t live without it, as I’m always on my computer working online.

Scale for luggage

So this is a must on a vacation package list. A suitcase weight is a must-have for vacation packing. Especially if you want to buy some tasty treats to take home. Airports are full of people asking you to unpack or throw things out. Not if you’ve just acquired a lot of lovely new things. But a suitcase weight you can check your suitcase weight before you leave for the airport.

Protective computer bag

You probably already have a good computer cover. If not, get one. Our holiday packing list often includes a computer. Especially if you plan to watch Netflix or work while on vacation. Maybe you plan to work from different locations like restaurants by the beach or pool.


Today’s holiday packing list should include something to chew on. Taking off and landing can cause clots in the ears. Moving the jaw muscles can relieve the pressure and prevent pain. This is a great tip for families traveling with kids. Sweet or savory, it can be as simple as carrots, cucumber sticks, or wine gum teddy bears. Whatever you do, bring some tasty snacks on board.

Holiday pack list – clothes and shoes

  • Now we’re getting to my favorite part of a great holiday package list. I love planning my vacation outfits.
  • The key to a good holiday packing list is mixing and matching outfits across various garments.
  • If you want to pack light, you can easily get by with two pairs of shorts, a skirt, two to three dresses, and four tops. Yet you have ten days worth of clothes.
  • I’ve listed some delicious holiday items below so you don’t have to worry about “what should I wear?”