Who was the worst Arsenal player against Borussia Dortmund?

It was certainly a night to forget from Arsenal as they got their Champions League group underway. Out-played, passed, classed and scored, they can consider themselves extremely fortunate that they only lost 2-0 on the night. How did the player’s fare individually? Wojciech Szczesny 6 If it wasn’t for Woj…


Systematically Flawed?

A lot has been said and written about Arsenal’s new formation ever since Mesut Ozil returned from his post-World Cup sojourn. After leading the league for a lot of last season and eventually winning a trophy with a 4-2-3-1 formation, Arsenal have now adopted a more conservative 4-1-4-1 system. The…


Arsenal injury report

On Saturday I made a joke no Twitter that it was a mini-miracle that Arsenal only had two players in their treatment room. I should have known it would never last. One game later and the medics are working over-time at the club once again. Here are the latest updates on…

Jack's ok

Arsenal 2 Manchester City 2: Jack In The Box

For me, Saturday afternoon’s highly entertaining encounter with Manchester City, was so typically Arsenal, a blog about the game feels almost redundant. I mean, a promising start, only to fall behind to the visitors first shot on goal, followed by a rousing, Jack Wilshere led, comeback and then the agony of…


Danny Welbeck is Arsene’s Ideal

The machinery of the Premier League craaaanking back into life seems like a good opportunity to get reacquainted with you all. And, with the Premier League champions in town tomorrow lunchtime, the Arsenal are certainly being thrown in at the deep end. Of course, this Arsenal team- with Alexis and Danny…


Football Isn’t Life or Death

I’ve had the pleasure of being able to write for DailyCannon since April 2011. Having an opinion is one thing, but being able to reach such a wide and knowledgeable audience on a regular basis with one is quite another. Some of you have agreed with my viewpoints, and some of you…

Chelsea Ladies v Arsenal Ladies: WSL

Ladies weekly news

The Ladies will welcome finally a new manager in Pedro Martinez Losa who was assistant manager in the NWSL at the Western New York Flash and he will surely be busier than Arsene Wenger come the next transfer window as the current squad is short in numbers in certain areas….

podolski koln crowd

No jokes from Podolski as he insists he is worth his place in the German side

Lukas Podolski has something of a reputation for being a joker. Always seen laughing and joking on Instagram or in training, the player insists that he never thought about retiring from international football after his country won the World Cup this summer and that he’s worth his place with the…

chambers england

VIDEO Chambers on his England call-up

Arsenal’s Calum Chambers has been speaking to FATV on what it meant to him to receive his first England call-up and win his first senior cap. Here’s what he had to say: Please share me by

Arsenal Ladies v Manchester City Women - WSL

Do the authorities actually want women’s football to fail?

I rarely get invited to events so when I received an invite to watch Arsenal ladies in their Continental Cup semi-final match against Notts County I got all excited. It was short lived. I live in Belfast, and with four trips to England planned for the next two months, one…

danny welbeck

Arsenal Sign Welbeck

On Twitter yesterday afternoon, I wondered who was available to solve the striker crisis at Arsenal. It turns out that the answer is the former Manchester United striker, Danny Welbeck. Opinion, perhaps predictably, seems to be split over whether this a good move for Arsenal, or not. The Manchester born…


Daily Cannon Diary 29th August 2014 [inc site update]

What a week. At this point it is safe to say that Arsenal are back. You can tell that this is the case by the returning chest pains felt by the Gooner nation twice a week as we collectively attempt to stay alive to watch the next match. Everton away…


Arsenal v Besiktas: Alexiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!

“It was difficult but we dealt with it and in the last 10 minutes it was nervously very difficult.” It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Arsène Wenger was able to sum up an entire fotball match in such a perfect fashion, and in one sentence too. I have…

per poldi

Arsenal v Besiktas: Who is going to score all the goals?

Nervous yet? I think, under normal circumstances, we would be going into tonight’s must win match with Besiktas with a large degree of confidence. And perhaps some, if not all, of you reading this are very confident about our chances tonight. Let’s face it, aside from Manchester United and a collection of…

wenger post emirates cup

Arsenal’s Striking Options A Conundrum for Arsene

I missed the opening twenty five minutes of our league match at Goodison at the weekend as Jo wanted to go to Bakewell and, well, eat some Bakewell tart (we were in Leeds over the weekend). Normally, I would say that whilst the tart was good, it wasn’t worth missing…


Hurry up and Wait

I hate waiting. Sitting around whilst waiting for something to happen, stinks. 10am appointment at the hospital? No problem, just get there for 9:30 and then wait for an eternity whilst the ninety-four other people in the waiting room take their turn ahead of you. Got a flight at 2pm?…

giroud community shirld

Arsenal Draw Blanks in Turkey Shoot

As a cure for insomnia, you wouldn’t have to look too far beyond last night’s match in Turkey. I had to be up earlier than usual this morning (if things get a bit weird later on, you’ll know why), so- worried about getting the requisite amount of sleep last night,…


Wade on Wednesday: After two games, what signings do Arsenal actually need?

So the new season is well and truly underway. And with the reality of football taking place on the pitch rather than on discussion boards around the web, some of the air has started to leak from the balloon of summer optimism. After the predictions of glory following the Wembley…

wenger post emirates cup

The £20m Match: Arsenal v Besiktas

It’s a funny thing, the football season. I finish every season thinking to myself, God, I don’t know if I can put myself through that again, let alone write about it. I guess, on some level, this maybe the case for those of us who began blogging about Arsenal post…

ramsey community shield

Arsenal Huff, Puff and Blow the Palace Down

Happy Monday everyone. Well, it usually is when you’ve won at the weekend, isn’t it? It seems unbelievable to think it, but the three points earned by Aaron Ramsey’s injury time winner represents the first time Arsenal have made a winning start to a league campaign since 2009. Which, to…